Discusión El asesinato de la familia Borden

This is a mid 19thc murder case which has been done over and over again. There is nothing new to say about it. It seems to me just an excuse to portray same sex sex and so called female empowerment - all very fashionable at the moment - but ultimately pointless and boring and mind numbingly slow. Oddly there was no real insight into her character given that she was the main protagonist - she had some strange "spells" which were never explained - she was arrogant and disrespectful of her father - she hated her stepmother. She was gay so they said - but then if they hadn't there would have been no excuse for the sex scene. I think - apart from the basic facts of the case - that this was mainly fiction - particularly her exchanges with her father - a vanity project that had no business being made.

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It just seems to me that there are way too many movies or episodic shows about her. I can't keep up with them all, but the story seems usually similar. I just would have no interest in further Lizzie stories. If all that is being done is showcasing her sexual orientation, I agree with you in that it's pointless.

She may have been gay - she may have been straight - nobody really knows. She lived with her sister for many years after the trial and her sister moved out after Lizzie formed a "strong bond" with an actress called Nance O'Neill. That is the so called evidence for her being gay. They might simply have been like minded women who formed a strong platonic affection for each other. But in gaymania filmland same sex scenes seem to be compulsory these days. It is all getting very boring.


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