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I didn't have great expectations of this film, and was surprised by it's initial pace and scope...that is until the twist. The film went all at once from a frenetic, if not confused semi-predictable sci-fi adventure to a heavy-handed preachy moralism about war and humanity. For those who think this film is about AI, it is only just that. The grotesque imagery of the "perfect refugee family" cowering and having to be ferried away underground to hide out until we can all "realize we are the same and find hope"...geez. I can't believe this film even has a 60%.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for social commentary, but maybe some artistic finesse?

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Agreed. The core premise is absurd. That we, humans, are the enemy and that we should be rooting for the machines who took our planet, is bonkers.

That said, it is fairly standard sci fi of a sort that dates back to the early 20th Century, focusing on otherness. This subject matter has always had a political and social subtext. Aliens as stand ins for invading communists for example. But rarely has it been so drop dead obvious and unsustainable on the literal level.


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