30 Modifications

21 juillet 2019
production_companies a
  • {"name"=>"Sierra/Affinity", "id"=>22107}
production_companies a
  • {"name"=>"21 Laps Entertainment", "id"=>2575}
production_countries a
  • US
crew a
  • {"person_id"=>1718785, "department"=>"Production", "job"=>"Producer", "cast_id"=>13, "credit_id"=>"5d3410fb6a300b2f7ea79a91"}
crew a
  • {"person_id"=>2026817, "department"=>"Production", "job"=>"Producer", "cast_id"=>12, "credit_id"=>"5d3410e42f8d090388d2246c"}
crew a
  • {"person_id"=>1030590, "department"=>"Production", "job"=>"Executive Producer", "cast_id"=>11, "credit_id"=>"5d3410d26a300b5922b36816"}
crew a
  • {"person_id"=>70732, "department"=>"Production", "job"=>"Executive Producer", "cast_id"=>10, "credit_id"=>"5d3410ba6a300b2f7ea799c0"}
crew a
  • {"person_id"=>17825, "department"=>"Production", "job"=>"Producer", "cast_id"=>9, "credit_id"=>"5d34108e6a300b11afa9114e"}
crew a
  • {"person_id"=>24045, "department"=>"Production", "job"=>"Executive Producer", "cast_id"=>8, "credit_id"=>"5d34107fcaab6d0b29a98402"}
crew a
  • {"person_id"=>1317686, "department"=>"Writing", "job"=>"Screenplay", "cast_id"=>7, "credit_id"=>"5d3410656a300b11afa91100"}
crew a
  • {"person_id"=>1317685, "department"=>"Writing", "job"=>"Screenplay", "cast_id"=>6, "credit_id"=>"5d34104e2f8d090388d22385"}
cast d
  • {"cast_id"=>0, "character"=>"", "credit_id"=>"5849a4e992514119bf015178", "person_id"=>24045, "order"=>1}
28 février 2019
runtime a
  • 0
spoken_languages a
  • ["en"]
status u
  • Released
  • Planned
genres a
  • {"name"=>"Thriller", "id"=>53}
genres a
  • {"name"=>"Science Fiction", "id"=>878}
cast a
  • {"person_id"=>932967, "character"=>"", "order"=>2, "cast_id"=>5, "credit_id"=>"5c77869bc3a3681bb04c9bca"}
12 janvier 2018
release_dates d
  • {"iso_3166_1"=>"GB", "iso_639_1"=>"en", "release_date"=>"2018-12-31", "certification"=>"", "type"=>3, "note"=>""}
8 décembre 2016
release_dates a
  • {"iso_3166_1"=>"GB", "iso_639_1"=>"en", "release_date"=>"2018-12-31", "certification"=>"", "type"=>3, "note"=>nil}
crew a
  • {"person_id"=>176484, "department"=>"Directing", "job"=>"Director", "cast_id"=>4, "credit_id"=>"5849a532c3a3681428013919"}
crew a
  • {"person_id"=>207132, "department"=>"Writing", "job"=>"Screenplay", "cast_id"=>3, "credit_id"=>"5849a520c3a3681414016600"}
crew a
  • {"person_id"=>1580662, "department"=>"Writing", "job"=>"Screenplay", "cast_id"=>2, "credit_id"=>"5849a50fc3a368141f0151f3"}
crew a
  • {"person_id"=>1580661, "department"=>"Writing", "job"=>"Screenplay", "cast_id"=>1, "credit_id"=>"5849a50092514119b6014f39"}
cast a
  • {"person_id"=>24045, "character"=>"", "order"=>1, "cast_id"=>0, "credit_id"=>"5849a4e992514119bf015178"}
imdb_id a
  • tt3416668
translations a
  • en-US
overview a
  • In the wake of a fractured marriage, a man goes to find his wife and the entire crew of a space station who have gone missing. As he explores the ship, he discovers the truth about their disappearance and is forced to confront his own role in losing her.
original_title a
  • Sovereign
general c

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