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I heard some good things about this movie, which is why I rented it, but recently viewing early Oscar nomination predictions, this was hovering around some pretty big categories. Granted, it's very early on so it likely will move down once the big award contenders are released and their season comes.

But, anyway...if this is considered great, then we are definitely in a declining era of movies. It was okay, decent, not bad for one watch, but anything beyond that is a joke. Scream is a good horror movie, but this makes Scream look like a masterpiece. This isn't even anywhere close to being in the league of Scream.

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Why the comparison to Scream? I agree Scream is a classic but I don't get the comparison. Because both are satirical? Anyway I don't get the mass praise but this film is still very good. Especially for being produced on a very low budget. The direction and performances in particular were great.