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Item: Scappa: Get Out

Language: it

Type of Problem: Duplicate

Extra Details: Italian cover uploaded by Biroger (1500x2143) (bad aspect ratio)

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Original by Biroger was not quite good enough quality, meaning your upgrade was bad as well. Maybe you can find a better one or try to add it in a smaller version? You can see that, for example, the faces in the upper left portion of the poster are quite fuzzy when viewed full size.

Thanks. Added new image. Is there a way to see the deleted ones?

Thanks. Added new image.

Still a little bit fuzzy, but just about good enough.

Is there a way to see the deleted ones?

Check the changes, either your own profile changes or for the movie page. Find the image you want. Then open another image and copy the part from the changes there and you will see the deleted image.