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...it was all due to intense and recurring hypnosis and not brain surgery. I think they should have made them (secretly) racist and just longing for a time when white people could be served by blacks. To me that would have been even scarier. But because Peele is black he didn't want to do that and wanted it to be that whites envied blacks. I just don't find that as realistic.

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Get Out is certainly as much a comedy of manners as it is a horror movie...

@Renovatio said:

Get Out is certainly as much a comedy of manners as it is a horror movie...

You mean irony, right?

The transplant was explained in the movie.

A) It wasn't full, it was partial. The "personality part" of the transplanter onto/ the stem "motor physical part" of the transplantee.

B) Hypnosis helped keep the personality part of the transplantee repressed, because there remains residual personality even at that neurological level.

C) The procedure isn't perfect (it's not like he's getting funding from the local university), hence the slipping of grandma talking about the cell phone or even Rose's mother almost triggering grandma at the backyard table. The beauty here is, even if it's not perfect, who cares? Just go get another body and try again.

The value of the transplant over and above the hypnosis is the horror of the degree of sick that these people represent - all of them. It's not enough that they're kidnapping human beings; not enough that they're doing unspeakable things to the dignity of their person; not enough that they see black lives as having value to them only in serving their more valuable lives; but the invasive, grotesque procedure invokes a Nazi human experimentation depravity that was also hinted at in the grandfather losing out in the 1936 Berlin Olympics - these people's vile disregard for the value of black lives goes back decades, deeply rooted in a long, horrid chapter of history.

And, the oddness of the entire family is a keen reflection of the burden their depravity weighs upon them, disfiguring them, making them ugly, revolting.

@Renovatio said:

Get Out is certainly as much a comedy of manners as it is a horror movie...

I totally agree. And it's one of the best films of the year, too! Hope it gets its due during awards season. It's that good

Can't believe the praise this movie is getting. Standards have truly fallen. Standard, run of the mill, predictable, cliche, slightly above average. Makes Scream look like a masterpiece.

@Heisenberg12 said:


Really? At what point did you figure out what was happening, and how?

Nope I'm definitely glad they introduced the brain surgery part because a recurring hypnosis/ slaves reveal would've been way way too obvious. The brain surgery reveal came out of nowhere and I definitely was not expecting it.