Discuss I Am Not Your Negro

I Am Not Your Negro and other similar films curiously fitting into a mostly non-existent category, or an even less meaningful category of films designated as Black. The message boards for those films featuring a cast of Black actors or characters or topics that appeared to be about Black or African-American lifestyles, experiences, POV or perspectives solicit a very visceral and almost emotional reaction from some posters on IMDB complete with prejudgment of the film not as a prediction but as fact.

Outside of the IMDB message board forum some articles have appeared speaking to this odd relationship of Black films and criticism about their need, existence and perceived persistence in society.

IMDB Refugees are now seeking a new Movie/TV social forum but fear the exact same dynamics will follow them wherever they go to have meaningful movie-talk discourse.

TMDB is willing to provide a landing zone for the IMDB Refugees and it will be interesting to follow the progress as the two parties flirt with each other.