Discuss Ocean's 8

Much of the chatter surrounding Ocean's 8 has turned on comparisons to the Ghostbusters remake/decrying Tinseltown's ostentatious shows of solidarity with present day, trigger-warning-happy feminism. It's thus with profound jubilation that I now share, with anyone who might read, our guiding light out of this dilemma, in the form of my man Steve Hofstetter

Friends, fellow citizens, wannabe social reformers...hesitate not in taking a cue-or several-from the valiant warrior for justice and human rights who's on stage in the above link. Strength of character is no longer defined by giving someone(like an obviously piss-faced audience member who may really have yelled out "Next!!!" for the sake of another beer alone)the benefit of the doubt, integrity(bill yourself as an entertainer when your true intentions are to hold an amateur gender studies class. No one will notice) resisting the urge to jump to conclusions or assign malice("I was talkin' 'bout whammen and he said "Next"...He must hates whammen!!!), or refusing to emulate society's dismissive sneering at any two words that so much as rhyme with "men's rights".

Nope; to be manly today is to "stand up" for a sportscaster whom you've never met, against anonymous knuckledrugging meatheads on Twitter,from a safe distance on stage The Comedy Palace. Prove yourself a modern day heir to Douglass, William Garrow, and Jinnah by hurling baseless accusations of sexism and misogyny at anyone who dares to disagree with you or blurt out something mildly obnoxious. After all, it's not the subdued yet steadfast challenging of long-held, supposedly sacred notions("Men=evil patriarchy, women=hapless victims with no agency" being but one example) that ultimately ensure humankind's surviving and thriving, but rather groupthink and Stalin-esque opposition to all forms of dissent.