Discusión Beyond the gates

I liked the premise of this, but it never lived up to its full potential.

The film starts off interesting, but after the first half hour or so, it's clear that the plot isn't really going anywhere. They were always just sitting around the house. They didn't go beyond the gate until the very end, and then the brief action that followed was confined to the basement setting. I kept waiting for them to enter this whole other scary world, but it never happened.

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Yeah, its not really a horror movie. Its more of a family drama - two estranged brothers coming together to deal with the loss of their father (and their mother). Its just that the story uses supernatural elements to talk about it rather than the mundane events of a typical family drama. I came in to it looking for a low-budget 80s horror throwback and was disappointed, but once I figured out what the director was really trying to do it didn't bother me me anymore.


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