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What a disappointment this one was, surely a contender for the weakest of Hitchcock's more widely-known films. The locations are lovely but the plot rambles, there is shockingly little chemistry between the stars and the supporting roles are thoroughly unmemorable. There is a certain build-up of suspense towards the final act but the denouement is lazy and the unmasking of the 'thief' is not all that hard to see coming.

Cary Grant can elevate anything and it's worth watching, of course, but this is Hitchcock in a VERY minor key.

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It's a more relaxed travalogue movie, rather than his usually more thrilling movies... The suspense is there, it's just no as hightened... I don't mind the slower pace and I appreciate the dialogue

I watched this recently, for the first time in several years, and am with rudely, that it also falls flat for me.

My favourite thing about the movie (besides the spectacular Riviera scenery, always watchable Cary Grant, and the beauty of Grace Kelly) is the mother character. She's (the character and portrayer thereof) fun to watch.

On a strictly personal level, the movie is mainly of interest to me for co-starring Grace Kelly - who one of my older sisters dated her brother, John "Jack" (older than my sister, who was in her early twenties at the time), for a couple years roughly 1969-1970. So it was fun to watch and wonder "What if...?"

Yeah, the mother had some good lines and a great perspective on the whole thing... Interesting personal connection by the way


I had seen the movie before, but for some reason thought that Grace's character was the other thief 😉 ... I had forgotten the ending...

Has this movie been remade?

I, too, for some reason "remembered" Grace turning out to be the person who was the thief. So the ending came as a surprise, when it wound up that someone else was.