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I'm sure that there are some very poorly made movies out there, but this was probably the biggest misfire of the year. It's just so bad, when it didn't need to be.

It felt like one of those bad Julia Roberts movies where you can tell they re-wrote the script to fit enhance her celebrity rather than to make a half decent movie... those are cringeworthy as well..

Was this the worse movie of 2010?

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Maybe not the worst, but definitely the most disappointing and lacklustre.

Veritable list on contenders in '10: See for yourself

Admittedly, I've never seen The Tourist, nonetheless after skimming over all the productions in the above link, it's tough to believe that Depp-Jolie didn't run miles around at least a coupla of 'em.

WORST: The Last Airbender and BEST: The Social Network (it and Fincher robbed at the Oscars!).

The Sorcerers Apprentice seemed to bomb pretty bad. This movie was pleasant and "European" in style. I think it works as eye candy with two good looking leads and an exotic location.

Technically, the screenplay is gorgeous. Beautiful shots, angles, frames, with depth, colour, texture, light, shadow...

Story-wise, not enough of anything; Not enough action, intrigue, tension, stakes, romance... some of the dialog sparkled, but the plot hooks weren't... I don't know, meaty enough.

Kinda like how I see a lot of Hitchcock movies (Vertigo, North by Northwest, Rear Window...) These are movies you see but don't think too much about.

Dalton's last line pretty much summed it up: "what happened here? A crook stole money from a gangster, who is now dead, but paid the taxes on it. Good enough for me" (or words to that effect).


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