Discuti Dunkirk

This is a thread for discussing Hans Zimmer and the Dunkirk soundtrack.

I wonder if Zimmer will tease any Dunkirk soundtrack at Coachella? Hans Zimmer says he will be doing mostly Nolan music at Coachella.

The stage will be quite different this April in Indio. While Zimmer’s mum on some details, the Coachella audience can expect a full orchestral and visual spectacle, with material focused even more heavily on his Christopher Nolan opus than he’s done on previous tour dates.

“I think I’m doing a 90% Christopher Nolan segment,” he says. “I’ll be bringing my band - and my band is an orchestra of 76 people. It will be definitely something different, and why not? That was the whole point. Because secretly, if you listen to some of my stuff, the secret is, it’s all rock’n’roll. Inception or Batman -- that’s where I come from... Film composers can rock. John Williams can rock. Ennio Morricone can rock. It just seemed like a fun thing to do. And yes, I’m terrified of it, and that’s part of the appeal of doing it.”



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