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I hate to take away from someone's post back on IMBD about this movie, but it is no longer there and I would love to expand upon his/her thoughts. This movie is about sex. It starts out as a husband/wife, then morphs into adultery. The adultery, even just a thought, catapulted his feelings into actions. He felt upset and discarded. Then sex can be used for power or pleasure, as the meetings/orgies show. Then sex between a prostitute to help yourself feel better and wanted, even if paying for it. Sex between men (the hooting on the street). Sex with a dead woman (is that necrophilia?). But sex can hurt. The prostitute found out about a serious STD so that can hurt the body. Sex can hurt the mind or be used as revenge, which is what he wanted to do, spurn the wife. In the end, intimacy was restored as the wife said to have sex with the husband. Sex, overall, can be very powerful.

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Good to find a non-conspiracy theorist fan of the movie :grin:

I don't think it's established that the prostitute actually got HIV. IIRC at that point Cruise's character strongly suspected that the prostitute was in fact the girl in the mask, and was abducted and killed. The truth could be anything; maybe the HIV was just an excuse she made up to avoid this customer who crossed the line, which is my interpretation.

As to what the movie is about, my takeaway was that it's about a man's jealousy, ego, fear of intimacy, and mid-life crisis. Sex is the most primitive way of expression for those things (and happens to sell tickets and DVDs, too.)

It's primarily about how the tradition of marriage fits uncomfortably with the complex passions of human sexuality.

There's also a typical Kubrickian theme of sinister power, with Sydney Pollak's character being part of a twisted elite who indulge their freakish perversions, using intimidation and possibly murder to keep things secret. Cruise's character is middle-upper class and frequently gets out his wallet to gain access on his 'sexual odyssey' - he pays lower class people like the prostitute, the costume store owner, the taxi driver. Sex and money mix in uncomfortable ways, especially involving the store-owner's daughter.

Like all Kubricks it took a while for this to become as well-regarded as it deserves. Definitely one of my favourites.

Good interpretations! The beauty of this movie is that we are all correct. I like other interpretations even better than my own sometimes.