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Written by Reno on January 14, 2017

To redefine the life and to discover the love.

From the British director of 'Fish Tank' fame, this is another a young struggling girl's story. Being brought up in a low income and abusive family, and because of that trying to redefine the life. Not about heading the wrong way like drugs and other related stuffs. So this is the story of an older teen girl named Star who flees the home to find her new life and love. It all begins when she meets a youngster in a supermarket and since then she followed him everywhere. Actually the film focused to tell a gang of youth who are door to door mag... read the rest.

Written by DEzzNutz1001 on May 20, 2017

Pointless and terrible film that leads to nowhere.

The Director of Fish Tank, was not able to capture lighting in a bottle twice.

Most of the movie is spent in a van listening to rap music, the other large part is the boring romance story with a protagonist who seemed better to be a prostitute, then a door to door salesperson.

Other characters are introduced but no depth is added to these characters, even though we spend a lot of time in a van with them.

The movie doesnt even pay off with the Conclusion it seemingly leads too, it just ends.

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