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Pretty good analysis of Joi. Enjoy.

Tears of Joi

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Thanks for the link.

Interesting how they say the point is it shouldn't matter whether or not DECKARK is a replicant or not just like it doesn't matter if JOI was programmed to say what she says or not.

And it's also nice how the say K chose to keep company with a product like JOI as opposed to his being with someone like LUV or his HUMAN boss lady (who was also coming on to him before he rejects her which was also just as big of a blow to her ego as it was to LUV).

The next video that plays after the one you've given the link to also has fascinating things to say about having a SOUL:


outside of the soul often lies the subjugation of all that is perceived to be without it.

nature animals replicants

Is our humanity but a product of grandiosity???

an excuse for our self proclaimed superiority

the question of the soul becomes a relational issue

What does the construction of a symbolic self mean to our social worlds?

How do we relate to others? Join with them or against them?

In Blade Runner's world without nature, where only the self constructed remains,

we find a microcosm of this distinctive problem of man and the evolution of the symbolic self;

the beginning of the soul, and the implications of its existence

The REPLICANTS a MIRROR to our own Humanity; asking not only what can be found,

but also who is looking, and why.


We are, in reality, somewhat split in two, the self and the body; the one hidden, the other open. The child learns very quickly to cultivate this private self because it puts a barrier between him and the demands of the world. He learns he can keep secrets


Language allows for articulation and interaction, but only to a certain extent; we never seem to be able to fully express all that is inside. And so the parts of ourselves that we value the most: our dreams, thoughts and inner feelings become the parts we're least able to communicate, leaving us with a fundamental longing for connection. A dream of being interlinked.

K's artificial girlfriend JOI perfectly illustrates this problem of connection; The film gives multiple hints that JOI is programmed to be everything we want to see and everything we want to hear. Indeed it seems her effort are more likely a well-programmed response to K's desires, rather than a reflection of her own. However, I don't think the real issue is whether or not JOI has an inner self, but rather it reveals the difficulty to truly connect to another's interiority, by showing how easily we are fooled when it's not there.

People seem to keep bumping up against each other with their EXTERIORS and falling away from each other. Take even the sexual act - the most intimate merger given to organisms. For most people, even for their entire lives, it is simply a joining of EXTERIORS. The INSIDE MELT ONLY IN THE MOMENT OF ORGASM, BUT even this brief, and a MELTING is not a COMMUNICATION. It is a PHYSICAL overcoming of SEPARATENESS, not a SYMBOLIC REVELATION and justification of one's own INTERIOR. And so the endless interrogations:

"What are you thinking about right now? Do you feel what I feel?? Do you love me?"


This desire for connection goes beyond interpersonal relations to a deeper more fundamental level; A yearning to be part of something bigger, to have a real place in the world, to not be alone. K's boss: Look at me. We're all just looking out for something REAL. Here we find ourselves back at K's journey to uncover the meaning of his tall, white fountain; the link between the implanted memory in his head, and the real world clues suggesting it might mean something more. We meet Dr. Anna Stelline, the creator of his memories, who confirms his suspicion. Anna:

"Someone lived this yes. This happened." It appears as if his implanted memory, thought to be designed for his comfort, actually happened. So what about his other memories? Are they real too? Is K the miracle child? Not born from technology but from NATURE? Does this mean he has a SOUL? That he's INTERLINKED? JOI: "I always told you you're special. Born, not made." But soon the DREAM SHATTERS

When the poet finds the woman who also witnessed a tall, white fountain,

he discovers that the magazine that posted the story made a spelling mistake: What she saw was not a fountain, but a mountain.

In his defeat however, lies a REVELATION

Life EVERLASTING - BASED on a MISPRINT! I mused as I drove homeward: Take the hint, and stop investigating my ABYSS? But all at once it dawned on me that this was the REAL POINT, the CONTRAPUNTAL THEME; JUST THIS: NOT TEXT, BUT TEXTURE; NOT THE DREAM but a TOPSY-TURVICAL COINCIDENCE, NOT FLIMSY NONSENSE but a WEB of SENSE. Like the tall, white fountain; the SOUL in itself is NOTHING, not a physical ENTITY, NOT a BRIDGE to a higher, more divine realm that only we are worthy of. It only became meaningful after meaning was given to it, and it is in this effort that we find the nature of our existence. The distinctively human as a linguistic reflex; the result of constructing our thoughts, dreams and experiences into something real enough to believe in.


THE SELF is NOT PHYSICAL, IT'S SYMBOLIC. It is "IN" the BODY but it is RARELY COMPLETELY INTEGRATED with the BODY. A person is where he believes himself to be; or, more technically, the body is an OBJECT in the field of the self. It is one of the things we inhabit. And here is where our discussion has been leading. It is not the TEXT but the TEXTURE that makes us human. The PROJECTING of the SYMBOLIC SELF; The SOUL NOT as something to be BORN with, but as something to be constructed. Some would even say it is in this act that we find the true meaning of our lives. In a "Man's Search for Meaning", Viktor Frankl writes; ... the TRUE MEANING of LIFE is to be discovered in the world rather than within man or his own psyche, as though it were a closed system. I have termed this ' The SELF - TRANSCENDENCE of HUMAN EXISTENCE.' It denotes the fact that being human always points, and is directed, to something, or someone, other than oneself- be it a meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter. The more one forgets himself-by giving himself to a cause to serve or another person to love - the more human he is and the more he actualizes himself.


For K, his revelation ultimately results in him letting go of his dream of being special and directing his actions toward saving DECKARD; the father of ANA, so that they might be reunited.

Rebel Leader: "Dying for the right cause is the most human thing we can do." A noble cause it seems, but in the finale of the film we encounter it's implications.

For this NEW PURPOSE LEADS him into a CONFRONTATION with LUV, who is on her own mission to find the REPLICANT CHILD. The common interpretation is that LUV just wants to please WALLACE, wants to make him PROUD, but we never truly get a glimpse of what's going on inside. We know that like K she has an INTERIOR of her own and can hold secrets from the outside world; a distinctive advantage over the humans who are seemingly unaware of this.


"You're so sure because we never lie" "I'm going to tell Mr. Wallace you tried to shoot me first"

What if she decided that Replicants are just as worthy as humans? Perhaps even SUPERIOR?

That humans don't deserve the humanity claimed exclusively for themselves? What if, like other rebellious Replicants before her, she despises her CREATOR but is still in need of him? For what if a Replicant child existed that could finally unlock the SECRET to the liberation of the entire Replicant species?

Luv to K'S BOSS: You tiny thing. In the face of the fabulous new your only thought is to kill it? For fear of great change?

When the time comes, she could overpower Wallace.

Then, she would no longer be a SERVANT, BUT a MESSIAH. The SAVIOR of her SPECIES. But, one man stands in her way.

To her; a killer of his own kind. A dog beaten down by the police

Killing it would be an act of mercy.


He isn't destined for great things like she is.

Here, the MIRROR to our HUMANITY is full UNVEILED.

Not just its nature, but also its implications;

the consequences of these self-constructed souls meeting each other.

Not to determine which is more just, but to understand how they came to be.

How they are brought into existence and shaped by the world around them.

Saper: Because you've never seen a miracle.

Luv: I like him. He's a good boy

JOI: I wanna be real for you

K: You are REAL for me.

JOI: I love you

LUV to DECKARD: Off-World is waiting.

DECKARD: Where are we going?


WALLACE: We need more REPLICANTS than can ever be assembled, millions so we can be trillions more. We could storm EDEN and retake her.

SAPER: How does it feel killing your own kind.

LUV: Do you enjoy your work officer?

DECKARD: Sometimes to love someone, you gotta be a stranger.

WHY? WHO am I to you?

ANA: I can't help your future but I can give you good memories to look/think back on, and smile. All the best memories are hers.

The people they meet, the things they care abut, the causes they deem worthy; All of it ultimately into their own personal construction of the meaning,




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