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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968) is the story of a bounty hunter policing the local android population. It occurs on a dying, poisoned Earth de-populated of almost all animals and all "successful" humans; the only remaining inhabitants of the planet are people with no prospects off-world.

The 1968 novel is the literary source of the film Blade Runner (1982).[43] It is both a conflation and an intensification of the pivotally Dickian question:

What is real, what is fake?

What crucial factor defines humanity as distinctly "alive", versus those merely alive only in their outward appearance?

Keeping this PIVOTAL QUESTION in mind also helps to understand what seems to be one of the MAIN THEMES in the story.



Is the girl inside of the GLASS BUBBLE REAL or is she just another HOLOGRAM ... like SINATRA inside of his GLASS JAR ... or like the other REPLICANT PROTO TYPES that we see on DISPLAY inside of the GLASS CASES ... inside of what use to be TYRELL'S TOWER (before it was purchased by WALLACE).

DICK also wrote another NOVEL called UBIK where the DEAD or HALF DEAD can also still communicate with the LIVING:

Ubik (1969) employs extensive psychic telepathy and a suspended state after death in creating a state of eroding reality. A group of psychics is sent to investigate a rival organisation, but several of them are apparently killed by a saboteur's bomb. Much of the following novel flicks between different equally plausible realities; the "real" reality, a state of half-life and psychically manipulated realities. In 2005, Time magazine listed it among the "All-TIME 100 Greatest Novels" published since 1923.[6]

And this is also what appears to be the case with the REPLICANT RACHEL who has the MEMORIES of TYRELL'S niece IMPLANTED into her.

When you're a being who's been created with the MEMORIES of someone else isn't that also a SUSPENDED STATE or a State of HALF LIFE or a bit like communicating with the DEAD?

Or do we even know whether or not the NIECE is DEAD or not???

Whatever the case may be, my theory is the GOLD COLORED VEGAS SETTING, which MATCHES the GOLDEN COLOR of the PYRAMID SETTING, which also MATCHES the GOLDEN HUE COLORED SETTING that we see in LA are all HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGES.

And when K enters the CASINO ...

that probably also PARALLELS the way he ENTERS the HOLOGRAPHIC GARDEN ...

only to find his TWIN SISTER there inside of a HOLOGRAPHIC GARDEN SETTING ...

where she proceeds to create still more HOLOGRAPHIC characters (kids at the BIRTHDAY party) ...

the same way as we see the other HOLOGRAPHIC images of Frank Sinatra and Elvis there inside of the CASINO.

And the thing that seems to BIND them together is the BEE that we see inside of the GARDEN, and the other HIVES of BEES that we see in VEGAS that swarm upon the hand of K.

Since there are no longer any animals or insects in this world (which have been destroyed by the RADIATION), that also seems to be an indication that VEGAS setting inside of the CASINO is a HOLOGRAPHIC WORLD and isn't a REAL WORLD.

And The GOLDEN HUE COLOR that we see also seems to be an indication of the same thing letting us know the area that we inhabit isn't REAL.

So the ANSWER to the QUESTION of WHAT is FAKE and WHAT is REAL would probably also be nearly EVERYTHING we see in BR 2049 is FAKE.

And that includes WALLACE and K's BOSS ... who are also FAKE HUMANS ... due to the way that K (and his HOLOGRAPHIC side kick JOI) behave in a much more HUMANE manner than they do.

Thus also placing them into the category of those merely alive only in their outward appearance, but otherwise pretty much also DEAD on the INSIDE?

Otherwise, how could someone who was still ALIVE inside order the DEATH of a NEW BORN being or order the DEATH of RACHEL and DECKARD's child???

Any thoughts???



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Here's a couple of links that seem to CONFIRM the COLOR THEORY:


I read an interview with Villeneuve where he said that the color yellow is a clue. I think he said it was a "thread for K to pull on."


he used color to help tell the story,

So the GOLDEN COLOR may also be a CLUE to let us know What is REAL and NOT REAL???

"A THREAD to PULL on" is also a FUNNY way to put it.

When one reads it then One also imagines K coming here to PULL on this one.

Did you also know he belonged to a BAND called DEAD MAN's BONES?


Video here:


The STEAK is probably in the GRAVE.

And RACHEL's BONES were probably also NOT REAL either.

They were MOST LIKELY FAKE BONES that were PLANTED there to MISLEAD someone into thinking SHE'S DEAD ...

the same way as K FAKES the death of DECKARD at the end of this story as a way to PROTECT HIM.

So was RACHEL living there in VEGAS with DECKARD?

If so, then where is she now???

If she FAKED her DEATH, where has she been?

Why would she ABANDON her TWINS and never try to have contact with them for all of these years?

If you've got a PROTO TYPE of something then it CAN'T DIE.

Because all one has to do is take that PROTOTYPE BODY and DOWNLOAND the same MEMORIES into it again.

And that's also why it doesn't make much sense that one of the GIANT PINK COPIES of JOI would call him JOE when K's NORMAL sized JOI should also be the only one to KNOW him by that name.

Which also means there must be a copy of the memories of the other JOI that were DOWNLOADED and preserved???

Thus also making it possible to DOWNLOAD K's JOI again into another HOLOGRPAHIC PROTOTYPE BODY or still another copy of her???

Doesn't the way that WALLACE RESURRECTED the other COPY of RACHEL also indicate that's the case???

Those BONES could be a result of any number of other COPIES of her that were created.

And placing a FAKE ID NUMBER on them would also be as easy as making a FAKE ID or a FAKE DR. LICENSE.

For all we know RACHEL could have HIRED a SURROGATE to carry her TWINS for her ... just like JOI HIRES MARIETTE to be a SURROGATE SEX TOY for K.

And with RACHEL being HUNTED, it would also be a way to try and keep her OFFSPRING SAFE if anything had happened to her.

And it could also explain the reason why she's had NO CONTACT with the TWINS (if something else happened and she also wasn't able to find the surrogate mother again).

Why should we assume anything is REAL?

Someone went to lots of EFFORT to PROTECT the birth of K and hide it from others.

K makes the effort to PROTECT Deckard by FAKING his DEATH.

Wallace creates another DUPLICATE COPY of RACHEL in hopes that it will get Deckard to tell Wallace what he wants to know about her child.

So Why not also assume the DEATH of RACHEL is also a FAKE and is still another EFFORT someone made to PROTECT her???

So WHERE do you think she is?

Do you think it's possible she was living there in VEGAS with DECKARD???

Remember EVERYTHING inside of that CASINO may also have been located inside of a HOLOGRAPHIC WORLD (like the GARDEN was where K finds his TWIN SISTER).

Apparently VEGAS has a bigger problem than SMOG:


He has the toy horse analyzed: it reveals traces of radiation that lead him to the ruins of Las Vegas. There he finds Deckard, who reveals that he is the father of Rachael's child and that he scrambled the birth records to protect the child's identity; Deckard left the child in the custody of the replicant freedom movement.

Traces of RADIATION indicate it's dealing with a NUCLEAR WINTER situation.

And that also makes it HIGHLY UNLIKELY those HIVES of BEES would be there unless they're NOT REAL BEES.

The fact that they don't STING K also seems to further indicate that's the case.

With the PALE FIRE BOOK that K was reading being FULL of CLUES to let us know what's happening, Would LOVE to know what BOOKS were being READ there in VEGAS.

But all you see is BOOKS GALORE all over the place and some stands with what looks like MUSIC on them.

Perhaps we'll learn more about which BOOKS DECKARD read there in VEGAS in the NEXT FILM???

They had 2 KIDS: TWINS

Ana (in the GLASS BUBBLE) is probably a HOLOGRAPHIC creation of his DEAD TWIN (like SINATRA inside of the GLASS JAR was also HOLOGRAPHIC creation of the now DEAD Sinatra).

Because we also see the SNOW or the ASH flowing right through her BODY.

QUOTE from the PALE FIRE book:

Cells interlinked within cells interlinked

Within one STEM. And dreadfully distinct

Against the dark, a tall white fountain played.


The near-death experience in which Shade saw the oft-referenced “tall fountain,” and the lesson learned from his investigations around it, echo the experiences of Joe, Ryan Gosling’s character in the film

And here's some QUOTES from another link that was found inside the other link that talks about the meaning of the FOUNTAIN in the PALE FIRE book:


The novel is also present in K’s apartment. With its theme of the ghostly dead daughter, Hazel, it’s no surprise that K remarks to the ethereal Joi, “but you hate that book”.

What's interesting is how the DAUGHTER in the book is DEAD ... just like the RECORDS that K finds in the film said the girl TWIN was dead.


Searching records, K discovers twins born on that date with identical DNA aside from the sex chromosome, but only the boy is listed as alive. K tracks the child to an orphanage in ruined San Diego, but discovers that the records from that year are missing. K recognizes the orphanage from his memories, and finds the toy horse where he remembers having hidden it.

Back to the other article:

This hidden interplay, echoing and mirroring, is a central theme that runs deep through the film.

Two films. Two authors.

Mariette within Joi. Ana within Joe.

A piano, with a hidden memory.

A book with missing pages, concealing a child.

A Trojan horse, with a secret inside.

When Joe first meets Dr Ana Stelline she is weaving the memory of a lush forest, absorbed in the details of one of its inhabitants.

The allusion here could be the open possibility that perhaps K actually is Deckard’s son, and Ana’s twin brother.

A double helix, double twist. Cells. Interlinked.

Conversely, read the date in American style, as 10th June, and we have the Zodiac sign of Gemini, The Twins

The two identical DNA records that K finds couldn’t possibly be a one boy and one girl, though, that’d be impossible, right? Actually no. Monozygotic boy/girl twins have been recorded, in exceedingly rare circumstances. During development of two identical male twins, one twin loses a Y chromosome and becomes male.

In cases where this occurs, the female child will present Turner Syndrome. Stelline mentions the reason for her isolation being as a “compromised immune system”, which fits with one of the symptoms of Turner Syndrome.

It’s also worth watching the birthday memory scene carefully. The very last child introduced seems noticeably different to the others, much younger, and less healthy. Another symptom of Turner Syndrome is growth defect in infants.

In the BOOK a claim is also made that The FOUNTAIN is also a TYPO and was meant to be MOUNTAIN.

But a FOUNTAIN at PLAY also makes more sense than having a MOUNTAIN at play.

What's this about CAMU???

What does CAMU have to do with OUR TOWN which was written by WILDER???



OUR TOWN is where someone DEAD has to learn to let go of the LIVING.

But BLADE RUNNER 2049 seems to be more about NOT letting go of THE DEAD???

Because whoever CREATES the HOLOGRAPHIC copy of ANA would probably also be someone who did not want to LET GO of her???

The question is HOW the hell did she ever end up working for WALLACE who also seems to have NO CLUE who or what she is???

It's only 4pm here.

What TIME is it there?

Where are you???

Yes it appears as if the GIRL in the GLASS BUBBLE is a HOLOGRAM (like SINATRA was also one inside of his GLASS JAR).

But so was JOI.

So being a HOLOGRAM also doesn't DIMINISH her STATUS in this WORLD.

(NOTE the way she also CRIES when she sees K's MEMORY of the TOY HORSE).

On the CONTRARY, her HOLOGRAPHIC status ELEVATES IT, due to the way the HUMANS are the COLD HEARTED CREATURES in comparison to the HOLOGRAHPIC and REPLICANT characters that we encounter (excluding K's treatment of the other REPLICANT that he kills at the start of the story).


The replicants are juxtaposed with human characters who are unempathetic, and while the replicants show passion and concern for one another, the mass of humanity on the streets is cold and impersonal.

So the IRONY is how it's the HUMANS who behave more MACHINE like than their creations in this STORY.

Which also brings us back to this PIVOTAL QUESTION from the OP:

What crucial factor defines humanity as distinctly "alive", versus those merely alive only in their outward appearance?

And the CRUCIAL FACTOR is EMPATHY (which HUMANS are also LACKING in comparison to their creations).

It's such a WONDERFUL FILM isn't it???

So many VERY CLEVER EASTER EGGS have been hidden inside of it for us to find ... if we only take the time to see where they're hiding.


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