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It was an Ok superhero movie yes Michael B Jordan was a decent villian in the top 5 for Marvel I would say but really the only interesting person in the film to me was the little sister she stole the show for me. Am I missing something here?

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That's so awesome.


@Gus Gorman said:

@jorgito2001 said:

I FINALLY gave in and currently watching this on Netflix...its really not holding my interest (BP just got defeating M'Baku by that waterfall)..I feel like I'm watching an unfunny sequel to Coming To America....wtf was all the mfing hype about?!?! I wanna throat punch all these paid off reviewers!!! :rage:

You say you hate Marvel and accuse all MCU fans as "Marveltards", "Marvelturds" and other assorted immature insults BUT you still watch their product?

What the literal FUCK?!!!

When the effing eff did I say I DIDN'T watch their product?!? I enjoy a good Marvel movie as well as the next guy! YES, I grew up a DC comics reader (in the 80s Batman (Knightfall) and early 90s Superman (Death of Superman) was all the rage...I don't even know or CARE what was going on in the nearly bankrupt Marvel comics and neither did any of my comic book reading friends!). I also am rooting for DC to do well since I'm a fan. What annoys me are these bias "Marveltard" fans who act like they've been reading Marvel since birth...that Marvel movies are the best thing since sliced bread...pleeeeeease. They're only fans because of the MOVIES. Most of them (not all) can't tell me SH** about a good Marvel comics storyline from Golden Age to present. FACT!

So check yo self b4 you wreck yo-self! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. And for the record, I got tix for 3D EndGame TONIGHT...not gonna sit here and front! But HELL YEAH...I'll defend DC against any and all bias, one sided, Disney is the greatest company ever, Marvelturds! I win! :wink:

The new Marvel movie is estimated to smash records...we'll see.


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