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Written by Gimly on September 3, 2016

Has some interesting things to say, and some fresh ideas to try out, but ultimately is an underwhelming gore-fest that's poorly acted and poorly filmed.

Final rating:★★ - Had some things that appeal to me, but a poor finished product.

Written by Dan_Tebasco on March 21, 2017

*The most shocking about this film is that Jack Ketchum wrote this film... *

But in the end I suppose a really bad director can manage to screw up a good script (not that I would say that this one has many tells of being a good script but that's beyond the point).

It's overall just very amateurishly made and it only gets remotely interesting when Polyanna McKintosh comes into the picture at 30 minutes in but even then it's not all that much.

'Offspring (2009)' is a predecessor to the far more known (and far more better) 'The Woman (2011)' where Polyanna McKintosh plays the title-role... read the rest.

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