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It's always bothered me that this new Russian Stealth sub that supposedly had the capability to sneak up on the US coastline loaded with nuclear missiles, was easily detected by the sonar man on the Dallas.

Whales humping & farting? Really? Seismic anomaly? Seems like a pretty big flaw in the submarine design. And if it is that easily trackable, the whole premise of defection is unnecessary.

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It wasn't "easily" detectable. Anything that moves has a sonic signature, but the Caterpillar Drive would have been very difficult to detect compared to a standard prop driven sub. Remember that the sonic signature was almost unreadable until a large segment of it was recorded, then played back at 10X speed (which suggested a man made pattern of sound), something that can't be done in real time.

If you know it's there, you can bang it with active sonar which will identify not only the sub but also the sub that's sending the sonar.

Even stealth aircraft can be detected, IF one knows the general location of the craft to start with. The Dallas had trouble tracking the Red October even though it had a good idea where it was.