Batman raises the stakes in his war on crime. With the help of Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal organizations that plague the streets. The partnership proves to be effective, but they soon find themselves prey to a reign of chaos unleashed by a rising criminal mastermind known to the terrified citizens of Gotham as the Joker.

Movie Data


Status Released

Original Language English

Runtime 2h 32m

Budget $185,000,000.00

Revenue $1,001,921,825.00

Homepage http://thedarkknight.warnerbros.com/dvdsite/

Release Information

  • July 18, 2008
    PG-13, Theatrical



Cast 103

  1. Christian Bale

    Christian Bale
    Bruce Wayne / Batman

  2. Michael Caine

    Michael Caine
    Alfred Pennyworth

  3. Heath Ledger

    Heath Ledger
    The Joker

  4. Aaron Eckhart

    Aaron Eckhart
    Harvey Dent / Two-Face

  5. Gary Oldman

    Gary Oldman
    Lt. James Gordon

  6. Maggie Gyllenhaal

    Maggie Gyllenhaal
    Rachel Dawes

  7. Morgan Freeman

    Morgan Freeman
    Lucius Fox

  8. Chin Han
  9. Eric Roberts

    Eric Roberts
    Salvatore Maroni

  10. Monique Gabriela Curnen
  11. Ron Dean

    Ron Dean

  12. Nestor Carbonell

    Nestor Carbonell
    Mayor of Gotham

  13. Ritchie Coster
  14. Anthony Michael Hall
  15. Cillian Murphy

    Cillian Murphy
    Dr. Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow

  16. Keith Szarabajka
  17. Joshua Harto
  18. Colin McFarlane
  19. Michael Jai White
  20. Melinda McGraw

    Melinda McGraw
    Barbara Gordon

  21. William Fichtner

    William Fichtner
    The bank manager

  22. David Dastmalchian

    David Dastmalchian
    Joker's henchman

  23. Nathan Gamble

    Nathan Gamble
    James Gordon, Jr.

  24. William Smillie
  25. Danny Goldring
  26. Michael Stoyanov
  27. Beatrice Rosen

    Beatrice Rosen

  28. Tommy 'Tiny' Lister

    Tommy 'Tiny' Lister
    Tattooed Prisoner

  29. Matthew Leitch

    Matthew Leitch
    Prisoner on Ferry

  30. Amit Shah

    Amit Shah
    Party Guest (uncredited)

  31. Michael Vieau
  32. Olumiji Olawumi

    Olumiji Olawumi
    Drug Dealer

  33. Vincenzo Nicoli

    Vincenzo Nicoli
    Crime Boss

  34. Edison Chen

    Edison Chen
    LSI VP

  35. WZ

    Will Zahrn
    Assistant DA

  36. Patrick Leahy

    Patrick Leahy
    Gentleman at Party

  37. PC

    Patrick Clear
    Judge Freel

  38. Sarah Jayne Dunn

    Sarah Jayne Dunn
    Maroni's Mistress

  39. CV

    Charles Venn
    Gambol's Bodyguard

  40. Winston G. Ellis

    Winston G. Ellis
    Gambol's Bodyguard

  41. Keith Kupferer
  42. Richard Dillane

    Richard Dillane
    Acting Commissioner

  43. Philip Bulcock
  44. Paul Birchard

    Paul Birchard
    Cop with Fat Thug

  45. Vincent Riotta

    Vincent Riotta
    Cop at 250 52nd St.

  46. K. Todd Freeman
  47. MS
  48. Matt Rippy

    Matt Rippy
    First Mate

  49. Andrew Bicknell

    Andrew Bicknell
    Prison Ferry Pilot

  50. Ariyon Bakare

    Ariyon Bakare
    Guard Commander

  51. DB

    Doug Ballard

  52. Tommy Campbell

    Tommy Campbell

  53. CH

    Craig Heaney

  54. LG

    Lorna Gayle

  55. Lisa McAllister

    Lisa McAllister

  56. Peter Brooke

    Peter Brooke

  57. TG

    Thomas Gaitsch
    Reporter #3

  58. William Armstrong
  59. Tristan Tait

    Tristan Tait
    Uniform Cop

  60. Bronson Webb

    Bronson Webb
    Bounty Hunter

  61. David Ajala

    David Ajala
    Bounty Hunter

  62. JR

    Jonathan Ryland
    Passenger Ferry Pilot

  63. Ian Pirie

    Ian Pirie
    Corrections Officer

  64. LL

    Lateef Lovejoy

  65. GE

    Grahame Edwards

  66. RM

    Roger Monk

  67. Ronan Summers

    Ronan Summers

  68. Jon Lee Brody

    Jon Lee Brody
    Waiter (uncredited)

  69. Debbi Burns

    Debbi Burns
    Bank Patron (uncredited)

  70. Maritza Cabrera

    Maritza Cabrera
    Party Guest (uncredited)

  71. SC

    Shirin Caiola
    Party Guest with Glass (uncredited)

  72. LC

    Laura Chernicky
    Party Guest (uncredited)

  73. EA

    Erik A. Williams
    Party Guest (uncredited)

  74. KC

    Kelli Clevenger
    Paramedic (uncredited)

  75. RD

    Richard Divizio
    Chechen Gangster (uncredited)

  76. TD

    Tony Domino
    Press Conference Heckler (uncredited)

  77. DF

    David Fultz
    Pedestrian (uncredited)

  78. NH

    Natalie Hallam
    Ferry Passenger (uncredited)

  79. JH

    Jordon Hodges
    Police Officer (uncredited)

  80. Erron Jay

    Erron Jay
    Prisoner (uncredited)

  81. Peter Rnic

    Peter Rnic
    Prisoner (uncredited)

  82. Daniel Jefferson

    Daniel Jefferson
    Immigrant Ferry Passenger (uncredited)

  83. Nicky Katt

    Nicky Katt
    Shotgun SWAT (uncredited)

  84. TK

    Thomas Kosik
    Parade Police Officer (uncredited)

  85. TT

    Tom Townsend
    Police Officer (uncredited)

  86. DK

    Don Kress
    Maroni's Henchman (uncredited)

  87. TK

    Tim Krueger
    Assistant D.A. (uncredited)

  88. DL

    Dan Latham
    Police Sgt. Spellman / Gotham Bomb Squad (uncredited)

  89. JM

    James Mellor
    Ferry Passenger (uncredited)

  90. Joseph Oliveira

    Joseph Oliveira
    Officer (uncredited)

  91. BR

    Buster Reeves
    Joker's Thug #2 (uncredited)

  92. MS

    Michelle Shields
    Angry Hospital Relative (uncredited)

  93. SS

    Sofiya Smirnova
    Evacuee (uncredited)

  94. BS

    Bruce Spielbauer
    High-Ranking Police Official (uncredited)

  95. RP

    Robert Patrick Stern
    Extra (uncredited)

  96. RS

    Robert Stone
    Dept. of Corrections Resident (uncredited)

  97. RS

    Richard Strobel
    Detective (uncredited)

  98. JT

    John Turk
    Chechen's Bodyguard (uncredited)

  99. JW

    John Warman
    Detective (uncredited)

  100. Chris Wilson

    Chris Wilson
    Major Crime Unit Detective (uncredited)

  101. KZ

    Kevin Zaideman
    Party Staff (uncredited)

  102. HM

    Henry Milton Chu
    Lau Henchman (uncredited)

  103. TM

    Tom McComas
    Helicopter SWAT Sniper (uncredited)

Crew 79


  1. Nathan Crowley

    Nathan Crowley
    Production Design

  2. PL

    Peter Lando
    Set Decoration

  3. MB

    Mark Bartholomew
    Art Direction

  4. JH

    James Hambidge
    Art Direction

  5. CJ

    Craig Jackson
    Art Direction

  6. KK

    Kevin Kavanaugh
    Supervising Art Director

  7. SL

    Simon Lamont
    Supervising Art Director

  8. SL

    Steven Lawrence
    Art Direction

  9. NM

    Naaman Marshall
    Art Direction

  10. JL

    Jenne Lee
    Art Department Coordinator


  1. Wally Pfister

    Wally Pfister
    Director of Photography

  2. SV

    Stephen Vaughan
    Still Photographer

  3. BG

    Bob Gorelick
    Steadicam Operator

  4. BG

    Bob Gorelick
    Camera Operator

  5. BH

    Bob Hall
    First Assistant Camera

Costume & Make-Up

  1. Lindy Hemming

    Lindy Hemming
    Costume Design

  2. JA

    Janice Alexander
    Hair Department Head

  3. DA

    Deena Adair

  4. SR

    Sue Robb-King
    Makeup Artist

  5. JC

    John Caglione Jr.
    Makeup Artist

  6. NH

    Nancy Hancock
    Makeup Artist

  7. KS

    Kimberley Spiteri

  8. CO

    Conor O'Sullivan
    Prosthetic Supervisor

  9. PC

    Patrick Caulfield
    Set Costumer


  1. RM
  2. Jessie Graff

    Jessie Graff

  3. TS

    Tom Struthers
    Stunt Coordinator

  4. PJ

    Paul Jennings
    Stunt Coordinator

  5. RL

    Rick Le Fevour
    Stunt Coordinator

  6. Jim Wilkey

    Jim Wilkey

  7. MM

    Mark Mottram

  8. Rick Avery

    Rick Avery

  9. TM

    Tom McComas

  10. DE

    David E. Hall
    Post Production Supervisor

  11. JB

    Jim Boulden
    Animatronic and Prosthetic Effects

  12. Brian Christensen
  13. MH

    Mira Husseini
    Unit Publicist


  1. Christopher Nolan
  2. SG

    Steve Gehrke
    Script Supervisor

  3. NO

    Nilo Otero
    Assistant Director


  1. LS

    Lee Smith

  2. MM

    Michael Magill
    Dialogue Editor

  3. HW

    Hugo Weng
    Dialogue Editor

  4. DO

    David Orr
    Color Timer

  5. DL

    Donald Likovich
    Assistant Editor


  1. Christopher Nolan
  2. CR

    Charles Roven

  3. Emma Thomas

    Emma Thomas

  4. TT

    Thomas Tull
    Executive Producer

  5. MU

    Michael Uslan
    Executive Producer

  6. KD

    Kevin De La Noy
    Executive Producer

  7. BM

    Benjamin Melniker
    Executive Producer

  8. JP
  9. NG

    Nicholas Gall

  10. LS

    Lucinda Syson

  11. DD

    Dennis Davidson

  12. LO

    Lorne Orleans

  13. JG

    Jordan Goldberg
    Associate Producer


  1. Hans Zimmer

    Hans Zimmer
    Original Music Composer

  2. James Newton Howard

    James Newton Howard
    Original Music Composer

  3. BD

    Brad Dechter

  4. AD
  5. AG

    Alex Gibson
    Music Editor

  6. DP

    Daniel Pinder
    Music Editor

  7. RK

    Richard King
    Supervising Sound Editor

  8. RK

    Richard King
    Sound Designer

  9. EN

    Ed Novick
    Production Sound Mixer

  10. LH

    Lora Hirschberg
    Sound Re-Recording Mixer

  11. GR

    Gary Rizzo
    Sound Re-Recording Mixer

  12. MW

    Michael W. Mitchell
    Sound Effects Editor

  13. MB

    Michael Babcock
    Sound Effects Editor

  14. JA

    Jeff Atmajian

  15. DH

    Doug Hemphill
    Sound Re-Recording Mixer

  16. BF

    Bruce Fowler

  17. KK

    Kevin Kaska


  1. Jonathan Nolan

    Jonathan Nolan

  2. Christopher Nolan

    Christopher Nolan

  3. David S. Goyer
  4. BK

    Bob Kane

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