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For me this movie was a masterpiece that the director ruined by changing the music and adding too many scenes/extensions.

The movie worked as is so everything he extended seemed to drag it. It's 20 minutes longer as a result.

And I thought the opening upbeat song "the killing moon" was perfect instead of "never tear us apart".
In story-telling, you start with "world in balance" (happy 80s) in order to create the contrast when things go array. So "Killing moon" was the a much better choice than "Never tear us apart."

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I agree about the music changes. I was so ravenous for the director's cut because I wanted to see if my perceptions about the story were anywhere near correct. Looking back, though, I prefer the theatrical version because of the other-worldly and rather bewildering atmosphere it has. The dc doesn't capture that aspect nearly as well.


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Theatrical. It had a better rhythm to it. As you already said the music was a lot better. The theatrical cut just felt right. It felt like a well, paced, enthralling film. The DC was still interesting though.

There is this perception that DCs are better, like "this is the directors vision!" - But editors understand things like pacing better, and that less is often more. Many things don't need to be shown, they can be inferred, and editors get this, so they cut unnecessary scenes and dialogue.