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Name one character trait of hers that isn't "good at everything". Seriously, try.

She mastered flight, Jedi Force skills, lightsaber forms, how to operate and repair antique ships, and beat trained Jedi-types at lightsaber and Force combat by the time she was 5 and dumped on jakkoff.

Is she an anime character?

She doesn't have a character arc, has no presence in the movie, is completely flat yet is also perfect in every way. Oh, and not to mention that everyone loves her, and the Resistance trusts her with a sensitive mission and details within 5 minutes of meeting her.

I hope we see less of her and more of Kylo or Finn

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Totally agree, can't stand her! She's easily the one thing about Star Wars I really hate. I don't care for the other new characters either, they just do nothing for me.

Not to mention how Han basically gave her the Millenium Falcon.....let her tinker with it. The only way I can see her becomming interesting is if she turns completely to the Dark Side. She did just her anger in her battle with Kylo. I found the Kylo character very frustrating....a little to whimpish for a dark side apprentice. Although I guess if they make a path for him to become a Jedi Knight I guess they will have to CGI Carri Fisher in the future films.

She was very strongly written as a Mary Sue character in TFA, but a lot less so in TLJ.

Her Sueness is examplified in the fact that she can do anything "god mode"-like like, is beating everybody at their own game and is awarded attention (Leia Hugged First etc) , missions and positions (eg Falcon captain) without any logic.

TLJ cut some of the unwarranted-attention crap , as Luke etc do not automatically become her adoring cheerleaders and even slightly dislike her, but still she is in God Mode (saber fighting, mountain lifting, hitting 3 Ties with one shot etc).


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