Discusión La caza

Just one big long annoying ride into frustration. And then it ends without any satisfaction. If I wanted to feel depressed and hopeless I could just spend more time reading the news each day, I don't need to spend 2 hours dwelling on something like this. But apparently others do. I suppose it is of value to them and to show the important message, but is this a message people really need to see spelled out for them to appreciate it? It should be something that goes without saying. As for the film, it is well made but parts of the story annoy me. I don't know if they followed real life events closely or what, but the fact that he barely fought back at all was so frustrating. If I lived in some shitty hillbilly town and this happened to me, there is a chance I would lose it. Like First Blood. Also the little girl was incredibly weird and creepy, which was annoying too. If it was accurate then even more shame on the community for being so blind to the obvious, and if they overdid it in the film then shame on them for making something such a big elephant in the room. Creepy little monosyllabic kid with terrible parents that runs away constantly, obviously suffers OCD at the very least and likely a bunch of mental health problems, is so weird and lies to the face of one person but nobody else can even imagine a child lying? Annoying. But I guess annoying is the point of the film.

Still, it could have been tidier in these ways. Also the big 1 year gap where it doesn't tell you anything is ridiculous. It is like the entire conclusion of the whole story and they show nothing. They skip ahead a year and you see how things panned out so you can tell what happened, but details would have been nice...

Overall, not a good time for me.


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