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Riders 5.1

2002 Action, Thriller, Crime, Foreign

An entrepreneurial criminal, Slim (Dorff) is as smart as they come. Cocky and confident, he assembles a team of risk-taking rush-seekers to pull off a series of five bank heists, each time using a different extreme…

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Roller Boogie 5.4

1979 Drama, Music, Romance, Family

Teen lovers Bobby and Terry band together with other roller skaters to try and prevent a powerful mobster taking over the land their favourite skating rink sits on, and compete in the Boogie Contest.

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Skatetown, U.S.A. 8.0

1979 Comedy

A street-gang leader challenges a handsome young skater in a championship contest at the local roller-disco rink.

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Roller Town 6.8

2011 Drama, Action, Thriller

Roller-skaters fight back against the video-game gangsters trying to take over their town.

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Ready.. Set.. Zoom! 7.5


Among the strategies that fail in Wile E. Coyote's attempts to catch the Roadrunner: glue on the road, a giant rubber band, an outboard motor in a wash tub, and dressing in drag as a female Roadrunner.

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