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Three Kings 6.6

1999 Action, Adventure, Comedy

A group of American soldiers stationed in Iraq at the end of the Gulf War find a map they believe will take them to a huge cache of stolen Kuwaiti gold hidden near their base, and they embark on a secret mission…

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The Manchurian Candidate 6.2

2004 Drama, Thriller, Mystery

When his army unit was ambushed during the first Gulf War, Sergeant Raymond Shaw saved his fellow soldiers just as his commanding officer, then-Captain Ben Marco, was knocked unconscious. Brokering the incident…

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The Men Who Stare at Goats 5.9

2009 Comedy, War

A reporter in Iraq might just have the story of a lifetime when he meets Lyn Cassady, a guy who claims to be a former member of the U.S. Army's New Earth Army, a unit that employs paranormal powers in their missions.

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Uncle Sam 5.1

1997 Comedy, Horror

Desert Storm vet who was killed in combat rises from the grave on July Fourth, to kill the unpatriotic citizens of his hometown, after some teens burn an American flag over his burial site.

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The Victim of the House of Pride 0.0

1976 Comedy, Drama

A Kuwaiti comedy play that revolves around Saif, a loyal and diligent worker whom experiences difficulties at home which lead to disastrous results.

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على هامان يا فرعون 10.0

1978 Drama, Comedy, Romance

A Kuwaiti comedic romance drama following the story of an accountant that fell in love with the daughter of his employer.

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The Cruel Sea 5.0

1972 Drama

The first feature film to be made by the state of Kuwait. It is a period piece about Kuwait before the discovery of oil when fishing was the predominant occupation. Bas Ya Bahar is the story of a crippled pearl…

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فرسان المناخ 0.0

1983 Drama, Comedy

A Kuwaiti comedy play about the economic crisis in Kuwait in 1982.

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Fires of Kuwait 7.0

1992 Documentary

After Saddam Hussein had the Kuwait Oil wells lit up, teams from all over the world fought those fires for months. They had to save the oil resources, as well as reduce air pollution. The different teams developed…

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The Guardian is the Thief 0.0

2008 Drama, Comedy

A Kuwaiti comedy play starring Taariq Al-'Ali, Khalid Al-Beraiki, Shihaab Hajiah and others

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Bye Bye London 9.5

1982 Comedy

A comedy about an old married man that travels to London with his nephew who does his to save him from exposure to fraud, and being mugged in London, the play also covers some political aspects and projections in…

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صباح الخير يا كويت 0.0

1995 Drama, Comedy

A Kuwaiti comedy play starring Abdulrahman Al-'Aqel, Intisar Al-Sharaah, Mohammed Al-'Ujaimi, Abdulnasser Darweesh.

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Sword of Arabs 10.0

1992 Drama, Comedy

A Kuwaiti comedic drama about the Iraqi invasion of 1990

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