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Hanna 6.5

2011 Action, Thriller, Adventure

A 16-year-old girl raised by her father to be the perfect assassin is dispatched on a mission across Europe. Tracked by a ruthless operatives, she faces startling revelations about her existence and questions about…

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Powder 6.3

1995 Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller

Harassed by classmates who won't accept his shocking appearance, a shy young man known as "Powder" struggles to fit in. But the cruel taunts stop when Powder displays a mysterious power that allows him to do incredible…

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Forbidden Games 7.7

1952 Drama, History

Orphaned after a Nazi air raid, Paulette, a young Parisian girl, runs into Michel, an older peasant boy, and the two quickly become close. Together, they try to make sense of the chaotic and crumbling world around…

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Born Free 6.5

1966 Family, Adventure, Drama

Born Free (1966) is an Open Road Films Ltd./Columbia Pictures feature film starring Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers as Joy and George Adamson, a real-life couple who raised an orphaned lion cub to adulthood, and…

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Faces of Death 4.1

1978 Documentary, Horror

A collection of death scenes, ranging from TV-material to home-made super-8 movies. The common factor is death by some means.

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Hamster Hell 4.0

2012 Comedy, Animation, Horror

An eight chapter tale of two hamsters secretly kept under a boy's bed.

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