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Fantasia 6.8

1940 Fantasy, Animation, Music, Family

Fantasia is the adventurous 1940 experiment from Disney. The film sets Disney animated characters to classical music as Mickey Mouse uses his magic wand to set broomsticks dancing in one of the more famous elaborate…

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Dinosaur 6.1

2000 Family, Animation

An orphaned dinosaur raised by lemurs joins an arduous trek to a sancturary after a meteorite shower destroys his family home.

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The Land Before Time 6.8

1988 Adventure, Animation, Family

An orphaned brontosaurus named Littlefoot sets off in search of the legendary Great Valley. A land of lush vegetation where the dinosaurs can thrive and live in peace. Along the way he meets four other young dinosaurs…

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Land of the Lost 5.4

2009 Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction

On his latest expedition, Dr. Rick Marshall is sucked into a space-time vortex alongside his research assistant and a redneck survivalist. In this alternate universe, the trio make friends with a primate named Chaka…

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The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration 6.0

2003 Adventure, Animation, Family

A bedtime story leads Littlefoot and his grandparents on a journey to a new land, where Littlefoot discovers someone who vanished before he was born: his father! Now Littlefoot must decide between two worlds. Will…

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Journey to the Center of the Earth 3.7

2008 Family, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Set in the late 1870's - A woman hires an anthropologist/adventurer to track down her husband, who has disappeared while searching for an elusive passage to the center of the earth

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One Million Years B.C. 6.0

1966 Adventure, Fantasy, Action

As the Earth wrestles with its agonising birth, the peoples of this barren and desolate world struggle to survive. Driven by animal instinct they compete against the harsh conditions, their giant predators, and…

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The Flintstones 4.9

1994 Comedy, Fantasy, Family

Modern Stone Age family the Flintstones hit the big screen in this live-action version of the classic cartoon. Fred helps Barney adopt a child. Barney sees an opportunity to repay him when Slate Mining tests its…

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The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses 4.8

2005 Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Family

While trying to obtain "Tree Sweets", Littlefoot into the tree and knocks down all the blossoms, attracting the Tinysauruses. They devour the plants and disappear. But Littlefoot isn't blamed for the disappearance…

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The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire 5.4

2000 Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Family

Littlefoot and his pals set off in search of a "stone of cold fire" that fell from the night sky. Since he's the only one who has seen it though, nobody really believes him. Littlefoot's uncle Pterano offers support…

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100 Million BC 3.6

2008 Science Fiction

A scientist from the failed Philadelphia Experiment leads a team of Navy SEALs back in time to the Cretaceous Period to rescue the first team he sent back during the 1940s. Things go wildly awry though, when on…

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The Lost World: Jurassic Park 6.0

1997 Adventure, Action, Science Fiction

Four years after Jurassic Park's genetically bred dinosaurs ran amok, multimillionaire John Hammond shocks chaos theorist Ian Malcolm by revealing that Hammond has been breeding more beasties at a secret location.…

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Jurassic Park III 5.6

2001 Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller

In need of funds for research, Dr. Alan Grant accepts a large sum of money to accompany Paul and Amanda Kirby on an aerial tour of the infamous Isla Sorna. It isn't long before all hell breaks loose and the stranded…

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Monster from a Prehistoric Planet 5.3

1967 Horror

An expedition in the South Pacific lands on a tropical island where the natives worship the mysterious deity Gappa. An earthquake opens up an underground cavern and a baby reptile is discovered inside. The natives…

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The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas 4.7

2000 Science Fiction, Comedy, Family, Romance

The Flintstones are at it again. The Flintstones and the Rubbles head for Rock Vegas with Fred hoping to court the lovely Wilma. Nothing will stand in the way of love, except for the conniving Chip Rockefeller who…

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Dinotopia 5.5

2002 Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Family

Carl and David, two boys flying a small aircraft over the ocean with their father, crash land near an uncharted island. The boys swim safely to shore, but their father unfortunately drowns in the crash. On their…

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Journey to the Beginning of Time 7.3

1955 Adventure, Fantasy, Family

Most classical sci-fi from K. Zeman. Four young boys visit a dinosaur exhibit at the New York city Museum of Natural History. They then row out onto Central Park Lake where they find a secret cave and paddle into…

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Prehistoric Park 0.0

2006 Documentary, Adventure

A BBC miniseries about Nigel Marvin's quest to bring the extinct dinosaurs through time to Prehistoric Park.

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Carnosaur 3: Primal Species 3.7

1996 Action, Horror, Science Fiction

International terrorists get a surprise when their cargo turns out to contain living dinosaurs. The army commando team now have to think fast, if they want to prevent the extinction of the human species, instead…

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