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The Artist 7.3

2011 Drama, Comedy, Romance

Hollywood, 1927: As silent movie star George Valentin wonders if the arrival of talking pictures will cause him to fade into oblivion, he sparks with Peppy Miller, a young dancer set for a big break.

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Trumbo 7.3

2015 Drama

The career of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo is halted by a witch hunt in the late 1940s when he defies the anti-communist HUAC committee and is blacklisted.

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Admiral 6.8

2008 Action, Drama, History, War

This is a story of a great love facing the greatest drama of the history of Russia. Admiral Kolchak is a true war hero and beloved husband and father. One day he meets Anna, the love of his life and the wife of…

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Side by Side 7.1

2012 Documentary

Since the invention of cinema, the standard format for recording moving images has been film. Over the past two decades, a new form of digital filmmaking has emerged, creating a groundbreaking evolution in the medium.…

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Woody Allen: A Documentary 7.5

2011 Documentary

Iconic writer, director, actor, comedian and musician Woody Allen allowed his life and creative process to be documented on-camera for the first time. With this unprecedented access, Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated…

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The Pixar Story 7.6

2007 Documentary

A look at the first years of Pixar Animation Studios - from the success of "Toy Story" and Pixar's promotion of talented people, to the building of its East Bay campus, the company's relationship with Disney, and…

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The Tale of Zatôichi 7.0

1962 Adventure, Action, Drama

The adventures of a blind, gambling masseur and master swordsman. Zatoichi targets a yakuza-controlled village, because war with a neighbouring town's smaller gang is brewing.

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Forgotten Silver 6.9

1995 Comedy

An epic documentary chronicling the extraordinary, unbelievable life of pioneer Kiwi filmmaker Colin McKenzie. Or is it?

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My Voyage to Italy 7.1

1999 Documentary

"I saw these movies. They had a powerful effect on me. You should see them." That's Martin Scorsese's message for this documentary. We meet his family on Elizabeth Street in New York; he's a third generation Italian…

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Brando 8.0

2007 Documentary

The life and legacy of Marlon Brando and how he changed acting.

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Apartment Zero 6.3

1988 Horror, Drama, Thriller, Foreign

The owner of a failing cinema and his mysterious boarder are caught up in the political intrigue of Argentina.

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The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing 7.1

2004 Documentary

Documentary about the art of film editing. Clips are shown from many groundbreaking films with innovative editing styles.

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In Search of James Bond with Jonathan Ross 2.0

1995 Documentary

Jonathan Ross delves into the world of James Bond and meets with new and former cast members who reveal humorous stories and anecdotes in a series of interviews. All the 5 Bonds at the time are featured, though…

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Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy 7.1

2004 Documentary

Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy is a 2004 documentary film directed by Kevin Burns and narrated by Robert Clotworthy. It documents the making of the original Star Wars trilogy.

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Roundhay Garden Scene 6.3

1888 History, Documentary

The earliest surviving celluloid film, and believed second moving picture ever created, was shot by Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince using the LPCCP Type-1 MkII single-lens camera. It was taken in the garden of Oakwood…

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Out of the Mist: An Alternate History of New Zealand Cinema 0.0

2015 Documentary

Two decades on from Cinema of Unease, Tim Wong’s ambitious film essay contemplates the prevailing image of a national cinema while privileging some of the images and image-makers displaced by the popular view of…

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Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust 5.0

2004 Documentary, History

Daniel Anker’s 90-minute documentary takes on over 60 years of a very complex subject: Hollywood’s complicated, often contradictory relationship with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. The questions it raises go right…

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Cleopatra: The Film That Changed Hollywood 8.0


Documentary about the making of 20th Century Fox's 1963 film "Cleopatra," then the most expensive film of all time.

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Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory 6.1

1895 Documentary

Working men and women leave the Lumière factory, through the main gate. It is often referred to as the first real motion picture ever made, although Louis Le Prince's 1888 Roundhay Garden Scene pre-dated it by seven…

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Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream 7.4

2006 Documentary

From 1970-1977, six low budget films shown at midnight transformed the way we make and watch films.

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