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Men in Black II 6.0

2002 Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction

Kay and Jay reunite to provide our best, last and only line of defense against a sinister seductress who levels the toughest challenge yet to the MIB's untarnished mission statement – protecting Earth from the scum…

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Terminator Salvation 5.9

2009 Action, Science Fiction, Thriller

All grown up in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor must lead the resistance of humans against the increasingly dominating militaristic robots. But when Marcus Wright appears, his existence confuses the mission as…

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First Blood 7.2

1982 Action, Adventure, Thriller, War

When former Green Beret John Rambo is harassed by local law enforcement and arrested for vagrancy, the Vietnam vet snaps, runs for the hills and rat-a-tat-tats his way into the action-movie hall of fame. Hounded…

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From Paris with Love 6.1

2010 Action, Crime, Thriller

James Reese has a good job as an ambassador's aid in France, but his real passion is a side gig, working in a minor role in the CIA. He would love to be a full-fledged agent and can't believe his luck when he lands…

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Runaway Jury 6.9

2003 Drama, Thriller

A juror on the inside and a woman on the outside manipulate a court trial involving a major gun manufacturer.

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Transsiberian 6.5

2008 Thriller, Crime, Mystery

A Trans-Siberian train journey from China to Moscow becomes a thrilling chase of deception and murder when an American couple encounters a mysterious pair of fellow travelers.

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Regarding Henry 6.6

1991 Drama

Henry is a lawyer who survives a shooting only to find he cannot remember anything. If that weren't enough, Henry also has to recover his speech and mobility, in a life he no longer fits into. Fortunately, Henry…

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Mystery Train 7.0

1989 Crime, Drama, Comedy

Three stories are connected by a Memphis hotel and the spirit of Elvis Presley.

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The Bridge 7.6

1959 Drama, History, War

A group of German boys are ordered to protect a small bridge in their home village during the waning months of the second world war. Truckloads of defeated, cynical Wehrmacht soldiers flee the approaching American…

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Jo 7.1

1971 Comedy

Selling author, Antoine Brisebard is a victim of a blackmailer, Jo, which threatens to jeopardize his reputation by revealing the past of his wife Sylvia. While the latter must pass the same night to take possession…

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Sergeant York 7.1

1941 Action, Drama, History, War

Alvin York a hillbilly sharpshooter transforms himself from ruffian to religious pacifist. He is then called to serve his country and despite deep religious and moral objections to fighting becomes one of the most…

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Russian Roulette 5.0

1975 Thriller, Crime, Drama

An RCMP officer is ordered to discreetly take a Russian immigrant into custody in advance of a state visit by the Soviet premier. When his prisoner is kidnapped, the officer is drawn into a complicated assasination…

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Two-Minute Warning 6.3

1976 Action, Thriller

A psychotic sniper plans a massive killing spree in a Los Angeles football stadium during a major championship game. The police, led by Captain Peter Holly (Charlton Heston) and SWAT commander Sergeant Button (John…

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NVA 6.2

2005 Comedy

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Annie Oakley 0.0

2006 History, Documentary

This one hour documentary examines the life of the famed Sharp Shooter and Wild West performer, Annie Oakley from her birth in mid nineteenth century rural Pennsylvania to her death in 1926. Many myths are overturned…

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Betrayals & Bullets: The Dame 0.0

2015 Thriller, Action, Crime

After the murder of his girlfriend, a gang enforcer sets out to find out who perpetrated the killing.

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Nightfall 0.5

2016 Thriller, Action, Crime, Drama

A federal agent travels to a small town to investigate the murder of her brother.

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Kill Zone USA 4.0

2014 Documentary

30,000 people die in the US each year by firearms. Collateral damage of an undeclared civil war, from which the arms industry has benefited for decades under German and European participation. Starting from the…

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