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The Coast Guard 7.2

2002 Drama, Foreign, Thriller

An overzealous soldier mentally deteriorates after killing an innocent man he thought was a spy.

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Winter of Our Dreams 6.0

1981 Drama, Romance

When a womanizing bookshop owner hears about the suicide of his former girlfriend, he tries to find out more and meats her friend, a prostitute. They hook up, but when she finds her friends diary, she discovers…

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Waiting for the Hearse 8.1

1985 Comedy

A lot of confusion and mixed situations between relatives in the middle of Mamá Cora's wake, the grandma, who supposely commit suicide throwing herself in front of a train.

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Weekend With My Mother 0.0

2009 Drama

15 years ago, Luiza decided to make a fresh start in Spain. She left her 3-year-old daughter Cristina in the care of her relatives and took off. When she returns to Romania, the woman learns some shocking truths…

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Luck 3.9

2009 Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Born lucky, Karim Moussa takes to exploiting it instead of focusing on studies. Now a wealthy gambler, he decides to recruit about a dozen lucky people to participate in a deadly game of survival.

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Call Me 5.5

1988 Drama, Thriller

A journalist receives an obscene phonecall that she mistakes for her boyfriend. She then agrees to meet with the caller at a bar, but instead of meeting the boyfriend, she witnesses a murder.

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