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The Blessed 0.0

2017 Drama

Algiers, a few years after the civil war. Amal and Samir have decided to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary in a restaurant. While on their way, their share their views on Algeria: Amal talks about lost…

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Little Children 6.9

2006 Romance, Drama

The lives of two lovelorn spouses from separate marriages, a registered sex offender, and a disgraced ex-police officer intersect as they struggle to resist their vulnerabilities and temptations.

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The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 7.5

1972 Comedy

In Luis Buñuel’s deliciously satiric masterpiece, an upper-class sextet sits down to dinner but never eats, their attempts continually thwarted by a vaudevillian mixture of events both actual and imagined.

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I Am Love 6.9

2009 Drama, Romance

Emma left Russia to live with her husband in Italy. Now a member of a powerful industrial family, she is the respected mother of three, but feels unfulfilled. One day, Antonio, a talented chef and her son's friend…

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The Rules of the Game 7.8

1939 Drama, Comedy, Romance

Considered one of the greatest films ever made, The Rules of the Game, by Jean Renoir, is a scathing critique of corrupt French society cloaked in a comedy of manners in which a weekend at a marquis’ country ch…

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La Cérémonie 7.0

1995 Drama, Thriller

Sophie, a quiet and shy maid working for the upper-class family Lelievre, hides her illiteracy under the cloak of a perfect household and obedience. She finds a friend in the energetic and uncompromising postmaster…

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Benny's Video 7.1

1993 Horror, Crime, Drama

A 14-year-old video enthusiast is so caught up in film fantasy that he can no longer relate to the real world, to such an extent that he commits murder and records an on-camera confession for his parents.

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The Unfaithful Wife 7.2

1969 Drama, Thriller

Insurance executive Charles suspects his wife Hélène of playing the field, so he has a private detective locate his wife's lover, author Victor Pegala. Confronting Victor, Charles tries to adopt an air of indifference…

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Ang Larawan 0.0

2017 Drama, Family, History, Music

A musical tale about two impoverished sisters' anguish over whether or not to sell the final masterpiece of their recluse father days before the second world war, in Manila.

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Madame Bovary 6.6

1991 Drama, Foreign, Romance

Bored with the limited and tedious nature of provincial life in 19th-century France, the fierce and sensual Emma Bovary finds herself in calamitous debt and purses scandalous sexual liaisons with absolute abandon.…

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A Spiral of Mist 0.0

1977 Drama

The lovely Maria Teresa is unhappily married with the impotent lawyer Marcello. Maria Teresa's marriage is contrasted by the passionate Valeria, who is killed during a chase. Is Valeria's husband the murderer? Maria…

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The Exterminating Angel: Met Opera Live 0.0

2017 Fantasy, Music

Following the rapturous response to his last opera, The Tempest, the Met presents the American premiere of Thomas Adès’s The Exterminating Angel, inspired by the classic Luis Buñuel film of the same name. Hailed…

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Me and My Sister 5.0

2004 Drama, Comedy

A story of two sisters, one from the country with simpler attitudes who comes to stay for a short while with her sophisticated sister who lives in the big city.

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Lady Chatterley 5.9

2006 Drama, Romance

French adaption of DH Lawrence's infamous novel about forbidden passion across the class divide. Winner of the 2007 Cesar Award for Best Film.

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A Castle in Italy 5.8

2013 Comedy, Drama

Louise meets Nathan, her dreams resurface. It's also the story of her ailing brother, their mother, and the destiny of a leading family of wealthy Italian industrialists. The story of a family falling apart, a world…

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The Flower of Evil 5.8

2003 Drama

Three generations of a wealthy Bordeaux family are caught in the crossfire when Anne decides to run for mayor, thanks to a political pamphlet that revives an old murder scandal.

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Heart of a Dog 4.0

1976 Comedy

Professor Preobrazhensky puts courageous experiences, trying to turn a dog in equal to in all of the person. As a result somebody turns out Doggies. Unfortunately, experience proves that it is better for dog to…

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The Glembays 8.0

1988 Drama

The Glembays of Zagreb are a rich family cursed with tragedies and haunted by sinister past. Leone Glembay, a rebelious son of the family patriarch, is becoming disgusted with hypocrisy, perversion and crime that…

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The Common Man 6.2

1975 Drama, Thriller

As every summer, Georges Lajoie, his wife Ginette and grown-up son Léon go on holiday to Loulou's campsite. They join old friends, the Schumachers and the Colins. Brigitte Colin, the daughter, is quite a pretty…

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The Wall 6.3

1965 Animation, Comedy

A wall blocks the path of two people. One man submits, while the other refuses to admit defeat.

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