10 movies

Beautiful People

March 3, 2000

In London, during October 1993, England is playing Holland in the preliminaries of the World Cup. The Bosnian War is at its height, and refugees from the ex-Yugoslavia are arriving. Football rivals, and political adversaries from the Balkans all precipitate conflict and amusing situations. Meanwhile, the lives of four English families are affected in different ways by encounter with the refugees.

Shot Through the Heart

October 4, 1998

The horrors of war are examined from the view points of lifelong friends (Linus Roache, Vincent Perez), who end up on opposing sides in the civil war in Sarajevo. One is an expert marksman, who trains the snipers used to terrify the city and the other becomes a freedom fighter, who rejects his friend's offer to gain an escape from the city. As might be expected, the two eventually have to face-off against one another.

The Last Panthers

April 13, 2016

The six-part series opens with a daring diamond heist before quickly delving into the dark heart of Europe where a shadowy alliance of gangsters and 'banksters' now rules. Naomi is the British loss adjustor charged with recovering the stolen diamonds whatever the cost. Also in pursuit is French-Algerian policeman Khalil.

Serbian Epics

July 16, 1992

Paul Pawlikowski's award-winning documentary on life behind Serbian lines in Bosnia. The film observes the roots of the extreme nationalism which has torn apart a country and provides a chilling examination of the dangerous power of ancient nationalist myths.

The Lovers of Sarajevo

January 1, 1993

Deeply moved by the Bosnian tragedy and, more specifically, by the nightmare that the inhabitants of Sarajevo have been living for two years, the filmmaker Marcel Hanoun, like other great creators (from Susan Sontag to Juan Goytisolo), wanted to give testimony. He has made a superb film-poem in homage to this young Bosnian couple (belonging to two enemy communities) that was killed by an anonymous sniper on Liberty Bridge, in the summer of 1993, as they were trying to flee from the besieged city. ("Le Monde Diplomatique", 1994)

The film is based on the 1999 book of the same name by Anthony Lloyd.

The Fog of Srebrenica

September 30, 2016

This is the story of survivors of the Srebrenica genocide, the only holocaust in Europe since WWII. 8,372 Bosnian men and boys were killed in one week.Heartbreaking and mind blowing testimonials - the story told by survivors, contrasted by hauntingly beautiful landscapes and horrifying archive. The film portrays extraordinary characters, people who have been struggling to come to terms with the past as well as dealing with the harsh realities of living in one of the poorest countries in Europe. Their stories raise serious and profound questions about the nature of human existence, war and forgiveness.

In the Shadow of War

June 9, 2014

The compelling stories of four young people as they struggle to survive a war that ended nearly 20 years ago. The physical conflict is over - but its psychological impact continues. Can they break the cycle of violence?


March 12, 2012

The members of Serbian army kill innocent Bosnian Muslim victims after Srebrenica massacre in the nearby village of Kravice.

Souvenir Srebrenica

April 1, 2006

A project of theatre-documentary on the Srebrenica massacre.