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In China They Eat Dogs 7.5

1999 Action, Comedy, Crime

An intent fast paced Danish dark comedy film about two separately motivated brothers who with their slightly psychopathic tendencies end up in a touchy situation. One brother gets in serious trouble after a bank…

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We Feed the World 7.5

2005 Documentary

A documentary that exposes the shocking truths behind industrial food production and food wastage, focusing on fishing, livestock and crop farming. A must-see for anyone interested in the true cost of the food on…

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Burn! 6.5

1969 Action, Drama

The professional mercenary Sir William Walker instigates a slave revolt on the Caribbean island of Queimada in order to help improve the British sugar trade. Years later he is sent again to deal with the same rebels…

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Bakkermann 0.0

2008 Comedy

The story of hopelessness, which is independent and politics. Symbolic little people are faced with the absurdly large accelerated world. Resolutely themselves taken up the challenge, bravely struggling against…

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His Daily Bread 5.0

1969 Drama

The film depicts the life of a truck driver Sucha Singh and his wife Balo. Balo has to get Sucha Singh's food ready every day, walk a long distance through the fields and wait for him on the highway as he drives…

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Pão 0.0

2014 Documentary

A family gathering around what used to be an everyday activity.

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Disney Learning Adventures: Mickey and the Beanstalk 10.0

2005 Animation, Family, Adventure, Fantasy

Prepare for school with Mickey and friends. Developed by Disney and leading educators, the animated classic MICKEY AND THE BEANSTALK now has learning breaks that will prepare your child for the academic and social…

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The Bread and Alley 6.3

1970 Drama

Returning from an errand to buy bread, a boy finds a menacing dog blocking his way through the alley he must go down to get home. Frightened by the dog's barking, he asks various passers-by for help but no-one pays…

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White Man with Black Bread 0.0

2007 Documentary

Christof Wackernagel, best known in Germany as an actor and former member of the Red Army Faction ("RAF") lives in Mali. In his compelling portrait, Jonas Grosch shows a man who simply cannot stand still if he senses…

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Out of This World 0.0

1954 Fantasy, Documentary

An angel and a devil try to persuade a borderline wholesale bakery salesman to their side.

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