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The Lady 7.1

2011 Drama

The film is about the life of Aung San Suu Kyi (Yeoh) who spent more than a decade under house arrest. David Thewlis portrays Suu Kyi's husband, Dr. Michael Aris. Rebecca Frayn began working on the project after…

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Under the Radar: Burma 0.0


While traveling undercover throughout Burma, Henry Rollins exposes the country's repressive military dictatorship.

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Trago Comigo 0.0

2016 Documentary, Drama

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The Colour of His Destiny 0.0

1987 Drama

Teenager and his Chilean parents live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in exile, after his brother is killed by the military government in Chile. Years later, still haunted by the past, he undergoes a crisis when he learns…

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El rey 4.0

2014 History, Romance, TV Movie

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The Day That Lasted 21 Years 0.0

2012 Documentary

Stunning espionage documentary on the US conspiracy that led to the 1964 Brazilian coup d'état. John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson original White House tapes, and CIA Top Secret documents reveal how the US government…

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Garage Olimpo 6.6

1999 Drama

A beautiful Argentine activist receives preferential treatment from a man supposed to torture her.

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The Colonel's Stray Dogs 0.0

2014 Documentary

In 1981, seven Libyan exiles formed the core opposition group to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Thirty years later, they are back to their country only to inherit the mess he left. The film is an intricate blend of rare…

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A Citizen Under Investigation 0.0

1993 Drama

A Citizen Under Investigation is the great Egyptian director Henry Barakat's last film, and a damning indictment of Egypt's ruling military dictatorship.

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Revision 4.5

2010 Documentary

In 1968, Orlando Lovecchio was made victim of a guerilla's bomb terrorist attack, which main objective was to fight against the Military Regime. Orlando lost one leg after the world-reckoned attack against the U.S.…

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Você Também Pode Dar um Presunto Legal 0.0

2006 Documentary

Amid the civil-military dictatorship implanted with the 1964 coup, Sergio Muniz had the idea of making a documentary about the action of the Death Squad. At the time, the press still had some freedom to disseminate…

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Chile, the Obstinate Memory 7.0

1997 Documentary

After decades of fascist rule in Chile, Patricio Guzman returns to his country to screen his documentary, Battle of Chile

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Sunset at Chaophraya 2 0.0

1996 Drama

Koburi the Japanese Army Officer portrayed in Sunset at Chaopraya's earlier films dies and the film then goes on to the future of his child and his life which leads to be a leader in the 1973 student riots in Thailand…

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There are some guys down 7.0

1985 Thriller

In times of dictatorship Argentina (1977), a young journalist suffers attacks of paranoia when he discovers suspicious persons , which could be paramilitaries in front of his building. Backdrop the last matches…

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