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The Godfather: Part II 8.3

1974 Drama, Crime

In the continuing saga of the Corleone crime family, a young Vito Corleone grows up in Sicily and in 1910s New York. In the 1950s, Michael Corleone attempts to expand the family business into Las Vegas, Hollywood…

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I Am Wrath 4.6

2016 Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

A man is out for justice after a group of corrupt police officers are unable to catch his wife's killer.

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All the King's Men 6.5

1949 Drama

All The King's Men is the story of the rise of politician Willie Stark from a rural county seat to the governor's mansion.

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La dictadura perfecta 7.0

2014 Drama, Comedy

TV MX, the most powerful Mexican Television Corporation, discloses a scandalous story involving Governor Carmelo Vargas in serious crimes and illicit business. Governor Vargas worried about his political future…

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Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva 4.5

2017 Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance

A corrupt cop who has a heartbreaking childhood realises his mistakes and turns into a sincere officer to take on a dreaded criminal and his son.

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Sarrainodu 6.0

2016 Action, Drama

Only one man can stop a villain who, backed by his father, brutally murders anyone who gets in the way of his unscrupulous real estate deals.

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Yaman 7.0

2017 Action, Thriller

In a malicious world of ruthless politicians and gangsters, a common man develops a dream to make it big in politics and takes on a few big shots.

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Nagaraja Cholan MA, MLA 0.0

2013 Comedy, Drama

Amavasai (Sathyaraj) turns Nagaraja Cholan, a successful politician. Corrupt to the core, the movie begins from where the first part ended. He rises to become a Deputy Chief Minister. There is enough character…

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Sivaji: The Boss 7.1

2007 Action, Comedy, Drama

Corrupt police and politicians target a computer engineer for trying to better the lives of less privileged citizens.

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Another Dawn 6.0

1943 Drama, Romance, Thriller

This Mexican crime melodrama was released in English-speaking communities as Another Dawn. Latin film favorite Pedro Armendariz stars as smooth-talking Octavio, chief henchman to a slain labor leader. On behalf…

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Emanuelle in America 4.2

1977 Romance, Drama

An American journalist travels throughout the world in search of a good story by joining a modern-day harem and traveling to Venice to see what really goes on at diplomatic parties. While trying to expose a corrupt…

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Quiet Fire 0.0

1991 Drama, Action

Jesse Palmer, is a Vietnam Veteran who must discomfit his ex-commanding officer turned crooked senate candidate named Whalen from conspiring to turn over part of the U.S. Government to terrorists. Whalen has all…

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Tupac Assassination: Battle For Compton 6.0

2017 Documentary

The unsolved murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace still stir the public's imagination after 20 years. Yet law enforcement has been at a standstill to produce results. The producers of…

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Thappu Thanda 8.0

2017 Crime, Thriller

A politician sends a bagful of money with his driver intending to distribute it to the people of his constituency in exchange for their votes. A few individuals plot to steal the money. What happens next?

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Pramani 6.0

2010 Drama

Mammootty in 'Pramaani' plays Viswanatha Panicker, the corrupt president of a grama panchayat. Panicker is a self-made man who has become immensely wealthy through corruption. He is called 'Pramani' because he has…

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Chathriyan 8.0

1990 Crime, Action, Drama

An honest cop's wife is murdered because of his role in the conviction of a local goon, which forces him to quit the police force.

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Gofer 8.0

2012 Drama

Alan’s daily life as a driver and assistant to a federal deputy entails enduring the anger and arrogance of his superior; sufering the contempt of the deputy’s bodyguards and, above all, cleaning up all traces of…

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Tarahumara (Cada vez más lejos) 4.3

1965 Drama

Raul (Igancio Lopez Tarso) is a white man who enjoys the simple way of life practiced by the Indians of Mexico. He does his best to try and help the tribe, but he becomes a victim of greedy land grabbers who covet…

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The Traitors 5.0

1973 Drama

Raymundo Gleyzer s only fictional film, THE TRAITORS is a compelling political thriller about a trade unionist corrupted by his rise to power. Skillfully weaving documentary and fictional sequences, THE TRAITORS…

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Bose 5.8

2004 Crime, Action, Drama

Former army commando Bose gets fired after he stops a rapist's attack on a student. The young woman and Bose fall in love, but then his family is kidnapped, and he discovers that the rapist has connections to terrorists.

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