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711 Ocean Drive 6.1

1950 Drama, Crime

The Horatio Alger parable gets the film noir treatment with the redoubtable Edmund O’Brien as a whip-smart telephone technician who moves up the ladder of a Syndicate gambling empire in Southern California until…

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Mankatha 5.6

2011 Action, Thriller

Vinayak and his 4 team members rob a booty of 500 crores INR. Trouble starts when two of the team betrays them.

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Vig 5.2

1998 Drama

Vinnie's a bookie, happily married, running his operation for 30 years out of his bar in Brooklyn. Times change, the boys up the chain want a bigger profit, so Vinnie's expendable He's assigned a hotheaded kid,…

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The Deep Blue Sea 6.7

1955 Drama, Romance

A woman is unhappy in her marriage to a boring, stiff judge, so she takes up with a wild-living RAF pilot, who ends up being more than she can handle. (

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The Captive City 6.0

1952 Drama, Action

A small-town newspaper editor defies threats to expose the mob.

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Saratoga 6.5

1937 Drama, Romance, Comedy

A horse breeder's (Lionel Barrymore) granddaughter (Jean Harlow) falls in love with a gambler (Clark Gable) in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

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The Steel Jungle 5.0

1956 Crime

The tale of a young bookie, married to a beautiful woman who goes to jail, and becomes involved with hoodlums.

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Double Dynamite 5.8

1951 Comedy, Music

An innocent bank teller, suspected of embezzlement, is aided by an eccentric, wisecracking waiter.

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The Girl Said No 6.0

1937 Comedy, Music

Jimmie Allen, a shady bookie, is in love with Pearl Proctor, a greedy dance hall girl. He schemes to get her back after she rejects him; and along the way, he revives a failing Gilbert and Sullivan troupe.

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Miss Grant Takes Richmond 7.0

1949 Comedy

A bookie uses a phony real estate business as a front for his betting parlor. To further keep up the sham, he hires dim-witted Ellen Grant as his secretary figuring she won't suspect any criminal goings-on. When…

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Who's Got the Action? 4.0

1962 Comedy

A lawyer begins to win after his wife secretly becomes his bookie to save their money.

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A Gentleman At Heart 0.0

1942 Comedy

After inheriting a New York City art gallery, bookie Milton Berle and his partner Cesar Romero decide to go into the art forgery business. Director Ray McCarey's 1942 comedy also stars Carole Landis, J. Carrol Naish…

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Five to One 0.0

1963 Crime

Alan Roper tells Bookie Larry Hart that he is planning to steal £60,000 and Hart offers to launder the money for him. What Hart doesn't know is that it is actually his money Roper intends to steal.

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The Blonde Bandit 0.0

1950 Drama

A duped bride joins a bookie in love and crime.

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