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The Pact II 4.4

2014 Mystery, Horror, Thriller

The sequel is set just weeks after Annie Barlow's deadly confrontation with the Judas Killer. In this elevated sequel, we meet June, a woman whose carefully constructed life is beginning to unravel due to lucid…

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S. Darko 3.6

2009 Thriller, Crime, Science Fiction, Mystery

S. Darko follows Samantha Darko, the younger sister of Donnie, the protagonist of Donnie Darko, and her friend Corey. On their way to California, their car breaks down, forcing them to wait in a small town until…

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Don't Look Up 3.3

2009 Horror

While filming in Transylvania, a crew unearths celluloid images of a woman’s murder and unleashes the wrath of evil spirits.

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Saved By The Light 0.0


A mean, loud-mouthed town bully is talking on the phone one night during a lightning storm when, in a freak occurrence, a bolt of lightning strikes a telephone pole, travels down the phone wires and hits him. He…

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Shadow Zombie 3.8

2013 Romance, Horror

Kim lives with his dad, sells weed to skaters, writes poetry, and snorts painkillers to get through the day. One evening, while strolling through the subdivision painted up as his alter ego Shadow Zombie, Kim catches…

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Illusion of Bias 0.0

2009 Animation, Drama, Thriller

When a girl was ten-years-old she developed a brain tumor. Doctors were able to remove it, but at the expense of the perception of her own face. She can see, just not herself. One night she has a dream where she…

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