Editing Data on TMDb

Where do I start?

Technically, you don't need to start anywhere. You are free to just browse around, rate your favourite movies and maintain your personal watch list.

If you would like to contribute by adding a missing movie or editing incorrect data that you find you will need to sign up for an account and spend just a few minutes getting acquainted with how our editing system works.

Once you're signed up, a set of "edit" links will appear on movies, people and in different locations throughout the app. By clicking these links, you will be taken to the edit sections of the corresponding entry you were visiting.

Once you are in the "edit" section, you will see everything that you can edit for that particular item organized in sections on the left.

Validation Errors

From time to time you will see an error popup that will prevent you from making a successful edit. These errors are usually self explanatory but here is a list of the most common ones.

IMDB ID is already taken by...

This means that the movie with the id of xxx has the same IMDB ID as the one you are viewing. We enforce these ids to be unique which means you will need to fix the incorrect entry.

When you view the offending entry, it's possible the ID showing won't match the one you saw first. If this is the case, you need to delete the entire field and save. Once the field has been cleared, you can re-enter the correct ID for both the first and second movie.

The certification for 'XX' isn't valid...

This error means that the certification added to a particular country isn't valid. If you head into the "Release Information" edit page, you can edit the particular country to use a valid verification.

Release country 'XX' already exists

This error means that there is a duplicate release date. Release date uniqueness is enforced by the country. Delete the duplicate to fix this error.

Alternative Title XXX is duplicated...

This error means that there is a duplicate alternative title. Alternative title uniqueness is enforced by a combination of title + country. If you see a duplicate, delete it.

Translating Content

While its true that we support translating a lot of the content on TMDb, not everything is and, if you're browsing TMDb in any other language than english, you would have certainly noticed that none of the "chrome" as we call it is translated. Here is a list of translatable content and/or fields that support multiple languages entries.

  • Movie title
  • Movie tagline
  • Movie overview
  • Movie runtime
  • Movie homepage
  • Alternative titles
  • Trailers
  • Genres

You can set the default language you browse in by going to your account settings and changing the "Preferred Language" setting under "Edit Account".