Editing TV

TV is a new section on TMDb that we're very happy to finally have available for everyone. We're still hard at work at making a lot of this easy to use but in the meantime, here's an overview of some of the basic edit functionality.

TV Content Within the Movie Section

Now that we have a full TV section there is still some cases where TV content can exist as part of the Movie section. These exceptions are:

  • Miniseries
  • TV movies
  • Pay-per-view sporting events (Eg. UFC, Pride Fighting, WWE)
  • MTV Unplugged

When it comes to the Movie section, unless the content matches these categories the content will be removed.

TV Show and Season Air Dates

Here on TMDb, we assume the original or "first" air date for all episodes. It is assumed that the first air date of the original broadcast should be used. TV series and season air dates are assumed from their first season and first episodes respectively. This means that at least one season and one episode must exist.

TV Show Cast & Crew

When editing cast and crew on a TV show level, you are actually creating what we refer to as "regular cast" members. These cast & crew are added at a per season level and will be shown on every episode that gets added to the season. This works really well for situations like in Dr. Who, who have had a number of different lead actors play the same role.

When marking people with the "add to every season" option you are also making sure that not only will they be added to every season that's already been added but also any future season.

You cannot add any cast and crew until at least a single season has been created.

TV Seasons

TV seasons can be added by editing the primary information of any TV show.

TV Episodes

You can add TV episodes to a season by going into the edit section of any TV season.

TV Episode Guest Stars & Crew

If you wish to add guest stars or episode crew to an episode, this can be done at the episode level within the edit area.

TV Episode Numbers

It is assumed at all times that there should never be a duplicate episode number. We have generally adopted the "Episode Name (1)" and "Episode Name (2)" format that should be used for multipart episodes. These same episodes should be regarded as episodes 1 and 2 from a numbering perspective within our database.