API Status Codes

All of these status responses are returned in JSON format.

Example Response

  "status_code": 7,
  "status_message": "Invalid API key: You must be granted a valid key."
Code HTTP Status Message
1 200 Success.
2 501 Invalid service: this service does not exist.
3 401 Authentication failed: You do not have permissions to access the service.
4 405 Invalid format: This service doesn't exist in that format.
5 422 Invalid parameters: Your request parameters are incorrect.
6 404 Invalid id: The pre-requisite id is invalid or not found.
7 401 Invalid API key: You must be granted a valid key.
8 403 Duplicate entry: The data you tried to submit already exists.
9 503 Service offline: This service is temporarily offline, try again later.
10 401 Suspended API key: Access to your account has been suspended, contact TMDb.
11 500 Internal error: Something went wrong, contact TMDb.
12 201 The item/record was updated successfully.
13 200 The item/record was deleted successfully.
14 401 Authentication failed.
15 500 Failed.
16 401 Device denied.
17 401 Session denied.
18 400 Validation failed.
19 406 Invalid accept header.
20 422 Invalid date range: Should be a range no longer than 14 days.
21 200 Entry not found: The item you are trying to edit cannot be found.
22 400 Invalid page: Pages start at 1 and max at 1000. They are expected to be an integer.
23 400 Invalid date: Format needs to be YYYY-MM-DD.
24 504 Your request to the backend server timed out. Try again.
25 429 Your request count (#) is over the allowed limit of (40).
26 400 You must provide a username and password.
27 400 Too many append to response objects: The maximum number of remote calls is 20.
28 400 Invalid timezone: Please consult the documentation for a valid timezone.
29 400 You must confirm this action: Please provide a confirm=true parameter.
30 401 Invalid username and/or password: You did not provide a valid login.
31 401 Account disabled: Your account is no longer active. Contact TMDb if this is an error.
32 401 Email not verified: Your email address has not been verified.
33 401 Invalid request token: The request token is either expired or invalid.
34 401 The resource you requested could not be found.


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