API Sessions

In order for users to write data to their account via the API, we have created a user specific authentication workflow. Upon being completed successfully, the session id that is created can be used to do things like rate movies, add or remove items to a personal watchlist, and also create and edit lists.

Please consult the official API documentation for more information.


s focus the search bar
p 打开个人资料菜单
esc 关闭打开的窗口
? 开启键盘快捷键窗口

On media pages

b go back (or to parent when applicable)
e 访问编辑页面

On TV season pages


On TV episode pages


On all image pages

a 开启新增图片窗口


t open translation selector
ctrl+ s 提交


n create new discussion
w 切换观看状态
p 切换公开/私人
c 切换关闭/开启
a 开启活动页
r 回复讨论
l go to last reply
ctrl+ enter 提交你的消息