Our main goal is to reproduce the seasons exactly as they first aired on the original network.

One exception is that a new season should have at least two episodes. Television movies or special episodes should be added to the Specials, not as the next season. A popular example is White Christmas. The Black Mirror special was the only episode in "Series 3" on the official BBC website.

New season or new series?

For regular series and miniseries that have sequels, we usually try to mirror the networks. Was it broadcast as the next season or as the first season of a new series? Did the sequel use the same website or have a new one?

For instance, Prison Break: Resurrection aired as the fifth season of Prison Break, Twin Peaks: The Return is the third season of Twin Peaks and the brand new season of The X-Files is season 11.

However, revivals such as Heroes Reborn, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and the Will & Grace revival are new series.

Please put personal feelings aside and keep in mind that the most important thing for TMDb is the original release format.


Season 0 is now called "Specials".

Special episodes are any episodes that did not originally air as part of a regular season. They sometimes air as an episode 0, an unnumbered episode or are released directly on DVD. e.g. The IT Crowd's The Internet is Coming, Black Mirror's White Christmas

Blooper episodes, recap episodes, preview episodes, best of episodes, live TV special, TV movies, (un)aired pilots, etc. usually belong in the Specials.

Web specials and spin-off webseries (e.g. Flight 462) also belong in the Specials.

Some DVD bonus content is allowed.

The specials are generally listed in aired order.

Season Number

The first season is "1", the second season is "2"

Do not use years as season numbers (e.g. 2017).

Please be extra careful. Only Travis can change season numbers.

Season Name

We typically use the format "Season 1", "Season 2", "Season 3".

Local variants are accepted e.g. "Series 1", "Series 2", "Series 3" for UK series.

"Miniseries" can be used for Miniseries.

"Pilot" can be used for television pilots that were never picked up.

Season titles can be used when seasons have individual titles (e.g. anthology or anime series), the last season has a subtitle (e.g. Prison Break, Twin Peak), or there is two or more series in one entry.

However, for series that are re-titled during their initial run, the change should be reflected on a series level rather than on a season level.

The title of the series should not be added to series with independent season subtitles (e.g. Series Name: Season Name). A few popular example are American Horror Story, Spartacus, Survivor and Pokémon.

Season title formatting:

  • The name of the series is sometimes an essential part of the season titles (e.g. NEW GAME!).
  • For entries with two or more series, the full name of each series is usually added as a season name (e.g. Blackadder, Manon) unless they share a removable common prefix.
  • When all the seasons except the first one have a subtitle, the title of the series can be used as the first season title (e.g. Kamen Rider).

Original Air Date

The air date of the first episode of a season. e.g. 3x01 for Season 3

The Original Air Date field cannot be edited. You can fix incorrect original air dates by fixing the air date of the first episodes of each seasons.

The air date is "null" when there is no first episode. You can fix null air dates by adding the first episodes. (We do not yet properly support continuous numbering.)

Upcoming series with an unknown premiere date: we know the air date is wrong, but we can't remove it. Please be patient, we will fix it as soon as the premiere date is announced.

Season Overviews

Wikipedia overviews should be replaced with plot overviews.

Pre-season press releases often includes a tease of the upcoming season.

Please avoid copy/pasting DVD descriptions. They often include spoilers.

Screened theatrically?

The theatrical flag on a season level should only be used for regular seasons that were screened in full at a film festival (e.g. Top of the Lake).

Please use the episodic theatrical flag for individual episodes and special episodes screened at a film festival or in theater.