Production Info

Origin Country

The origin country should be paired with the original air dates. It is the country where the show originally aired in.


Usually the very first local (producing country) network to air the series in its original language.

Digital or video

Digital platforms and websites (e.g. Netflix, YouTube, YouTube Red, CBS All Access) are allowed as networks for web series.

It is common for television series to be also released on various VOD services around the time of airing. They should not be added to the network field.

Simulcast and rebroadcast

As a general rule, only the primary network. No network airing reruns, an international simulcast or a special preview.

The same guidelines apply to Japanese series. The network field should be used for the very first network. Multiple networks should only be added when new episodes first air on a different network or when the series is originally broadcast at the exact same time on two or more local networks. We recommend using sources such as this one to find the exact time of airing.

For example, this is the partial listing for the first episode of a series (if you are unfamiliar with the Japanese 26h time format, please read the note in the episode air date section):

KBS京都  2012-01-09(月)  25:30   
テレビ愛知  2012-01-09(月)  25:30
AT-X  2012-01-10(火)  10:00    
TOKYO MX  2012-01-10(火)  26:00    
BS11デジタル  2012-01-11(水)  24:30    

The episodes aired at the exact same day and time on KBS京都 and テレビ愛知, and subsequently aired on various channels including AT-X, TOKYO MX and BS11デジタル. According to our guidelines only two channels qualify for the network field: KBS京都 and テレビ愛知.

Network change

When a series moves from Network A to Network B during its initial run, both networks are added.

For example, the first three seasons of The Mindy Project originally aired on Fox and the last three seasons originally aired on Hulu. The American TV series Unforgettable and Community also moved to a new network after a cancellation.

The TV series Supergirl moved from CBS to The CW after one season. A similar example is the series The Shannara Chronicles which moved from MTV to its sister channel Spike after the first season.

After the closure of The WB and UPN, many series including Supernatural and Everybody Hates Chris moved the The CW.

International co-production

Two or more networks can be added when the series is broadcast simultaneously in the original language AND a) the countries are equal producing partners or b) international networks have a producing or "in association with" credit in the original credits.

In the context of international broadcast with time difference (e.g. US/UK), simultaneously is defined as broadcast the same day.

International broadcast

Random earlier broadcast on a different channel, especially in a different country, are usually ignored when the television series have a clear primary network.

  • e.g. when Canada airs episodes of an American series a few days ahead of the US broadcast (e.g. Chicago Med or The Real O'Neals) the Canadian network it not added as a network and the dates are not used as the first air dates
  • e.g. when Germany air the episodes of an American series a few months ahead of the US broadcast (e.g. Secrets and Lies), the German network is not added as a network and the dates are not used as the first air dates