Genre & Keywords

Genre & Keywords


The genres currently available for TV shows are: Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Kids, Mystery, News, Reality, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Soap, Talk, War & Politics, and Western.

Feel free to add any "missing" genre as a keyword: Horror, Romance, History, Music and Thriller.

Please note that the list of TV genres may change in the future.


In the TV section we allow—and encourage!—the use of popular television genres as keywords: sitcom, workplace comedy, period/historical drama, medical drama, legal drama, teen drama, dark comedy, anthology, cooking show, game show, talk show, variety show, soap opera, reality competition, singing competition, music tv program, telenovela, téléroman, anime, ...

Technical and trivia keywords shouldn't be added to the TV section unless it can apply to the whole series. For example, the keyword woman director should only be used when every single episode of a series is directed by a woman.