A good backdrop represents the episode/film, there is no image limit, but the goal is to only add good, useful images. We do not need or want every single still and promo image (e.g. the same scene from five different angles).

Backdrops should not contain subtitles, watermarks or logos (including TV channel logos).

Cropping is allowed unless it destroys the image. Try to crop wisely. Don't cut off heads, but instead cut off the less important parts, as can be seen here.

Aspect ratio

Backdrops should have an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 (16x9).


Width ÷ 1.78 = Height
Height × 1.78 = Width


Backdrops have to be at least 1280x720px and cannot be larger than 3840x2160px.
Please do not upscale smaller images to meet the minimum resolution requirement.


Try not to upload images that contain spoilers.


Nudity is only allowed for content marked as adult:true.


Avoid uploading overly violent images (e.g. no extreme gore) at all costs.


Official Images

Only official material from the film or TV series.

Images from an official promotional photoshoot are allowed. For example, this backdrop of the series Speechless.

Stills are allowed.

Nonofficial Images

Images for unofficial or out of character shoots are NOT allowed. It includes pictures from a photoshoot the main cast members did for a magazine and red carpet pictures.

Fan art edits, picture collage and fan made wallpapers are NOT allowed (the kind you can find on DeviantArt). Most official wallpapers, especially heavily edited or with text, are also NOT allowed.

Images from the source material such as the original manga, video game, comic book, original film, or novel are not allowed.

Images from a different adaptation, a sequel or a prequel are not allowed.


Horizontal posters such as this one are allowed.

Backdrops cropped from high quality posters are allowed as long as they look good.

No vertical posters or images of a DVD set.

Behind the Scene Images

Behind the scenes pictures are fine to add, but they should not be used as the primary picture. Feel free to downvote them.

Screen Captures

Screencaps are allowed as long as the quality is good. However, lower quality screencaps could be deleted when better backdrops are uploaded.

Screen Captures

For the best results, please follow these guidelines:

Use a high quality video (Blu-ray or 4k source). Avoid videos with logos, subtitles or distorted images.

Quality over quantity. Choose a frame that looks good and doesn't have movement blur. Lighter scenes and character close-up usually make better backdrops.

Do not forget to remove black bars and the borders. Downsize the image when necessary.


Unlike posters, 99% of the time backdrops do not have text and should be left in 'No Language'.

Backdrops with a title or language specific text should be set to the corresponding language.

TV Shows

Television backdrops are added at two different levels: series and episodic.

Series backdrops are mostly used for group and individual promotional pictures. Some stills might be allowed as series backdrops if they are a good representation of the series.

Episodic stills are allowed when there are no promo pictures and the stills make good series backdrops.

We like to have a backdrop from the current season as the top backdrop.

TV Episodes

Production stills or film stills (photos taken on the set during the production of an episode) are preferred for Episodic Backgrounds. For example, this image is a production still from an episode of the series Supergirl.

Episodic screen captures are allowed as episodic backdrops when no production stills are available. Title cards are fine if set to the correct language, but they must be the official title card as shown in the episode or official episode promotional art.

Behind the scene pictures, including concept art, are allowed.

Season promotional images are not allowed as episodic backdrops. For example, this image is a promo image from the series Supergirl. These images should be added as series backdrops.

Some episodes and series won't have any episodic images. We prefer to have no image rather than really bad quality or incorrectly added images.

Images incorrectly added will be deleted when found. This includes season promo images added as episode backdrops as well as episodic stills, screen captures or BTS images added to the wrong episodes. If episodic backdrops are added properly, each episode should have unique images.

Please use the Report button to report bad and misplaced images.


Episodic backdrops have a minimum resolution of 400x225px.

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