Collections should only be used for true movie sequels. That usually means no remake, reboot or spin-off movies.

While sometimes controversial, collections are not intended to be a way of grouping movies of the same universe, person or theme or imitating box sets. We recommend using lists for content that is not allowed as collections.

e.g. The Man of Steel Collection is not the DC Extended Universe, The Avengers Collection should not be mistaken for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the spin-offs should not be added to the X-Men or Star Wars collections.


Collections are only the beginning. We will implement a proper "universe" feature in the future.

We currently do not support collections of TV show entries.


Movies can only be in one collection at a time.

This is usually not an issue as long as movie collections follow our guidelines.

In some rare cases, a foreign country markets movies that are not released as sequels in their country of origin as sequels. These "fabricated" film sequels can create a lot of confusion. They should be lists, not collections.

Type of Content

Collection of short films sequels are allowed. However, short films are not allowed in feature films collections (e.g. the short film Shrek the Halls is not allowed in the Shrek collection).

Documentary sequels are allowed as long as the movies are true sequels.

No collections of video content (e.g. a training program, stand-up comedy shows).