Poháňané pomocou The Movie Database

TMDb je využívané viac než 200 000 developermi.
Prehliadni si ich prácu nižšie.


By Bitfield AB

A stylish iOS client for TMDb (http://www.themoviedb.org), the free and community maintained movie database.

Main features

  • Discover Popular, Now Playing and Top Rated movies.
  • Get detailed information about Movies, Cast and Crew.
  • Find similar movies and movies related to a certain actor.
  • Watch movie trailers inline.
  • Share using Twitter, Facebook, Mail or Messages.
  • Print, Save to Camera Roll and Copy supported.
  • Free text search TMDb for Movies and Persons.
  • Handle your TMDb Favorites and Watchlist from within the app.
  • Rate movies when logged in to TMDb.
  • Fully supports the TMDb 3.0 API.
  • Get an account at themoviedb.org or from within the app. It's free.

Cinematics: The Movie Guide

By Cinematics: The Movie Guide

The fastest, easiest way to find and discover movies, actors and shows on your device.


By Firecore, LLC

An elegant video player for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.


By Plex, Inc.

Plex organizes all of your video, music, and photo collections, and gives you instant access to them on all of your devices. With the (free!) Plex Media Server software on your home computer and a Plex app on your favorite streaming device, you can enjoy all of your personal media and easily share it with friends and family. Plex will also make your media look beautiful with rich descriptions, artwork, and other related information. With an optional premium Plex Pass subscription, you can even sync videos, music, and photos to your smartphones and tablets to enjoy while offline. Parental controls, premium music features, music videos, trailers and extras, and powerful management tools are also part of our premium offering. Getting up and running is fast and simple, so get started now!


By Uwe Trottmann

SeriesGuide helps you keep track of your favorite TV shows and movies.


By Taphive

TodoMovies is the best way to manage movies you want to watch/watched, create custom lists, and discover new movies. With gorgeous edge-to-edge posters and unique features like bonus scene indicators, cast profiles, release notifications, and much more, you will experience movies like never before.


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