ImmaWatch: Discover Movies

By Blanketz


ImmaWatch: Movie Android App helps you to find movies in chosen genres in the easiest and the best looking way.

It displays populer, now playing and searched movies by title including ratings, reviews, critics, trailers, actor and actresses from important sources: The Movie Db,, IMDb, Metacritic and OMDb

ImmaWatch: Movie Features:

• Find movies by genres

• Discover movies in theatres

• Get detailed information about movies

• Share movies with TMDb, Trakt, IMDb links

• View movies on TMDb, Trakt, IMDb sites

• Add movies to watchlist and favourites

• Watch movie clips and trailers from YouTube

• Find and compare TMDb, Trakt, IMDb, Metacritic scores

• Fiter movies by popularity, release date, rate and title with customized sorting

• Read reviews from TMDb and

• Find MPAA ratings, showtime, director, budget, country, language, actor and actress informations for any movie



  • All (No Restrictions)


  • Worldwide (No Restrictions)

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