Cinema Box

By Kevin Deery


Cinema Box is a Movie Content Manager that provides the latest information for your movie collection within a rich user interface. Take control of your movie collection and Phillip Hue Lights from PC and mobile devices. Effortless streaming of your digital content to your Smart TV or receivers.

The application has been built from the ground up with performance in mind for a fast and efficient experience to surfing your collection Setting your mood lighting and choosing the right movie has never been so easy. Features

• Movie News • Box Office, Coming Soon ,Trending movie lists • Showtime's • Trailers • Phillips Hue Light Controller • Manage Movies & Actors (Physical and Digital) • Share on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) • Barcode Scanner • Support Portal

Noteworthy • Fast automated Collection processing • Posters, Backdrops and Actor image selector • DVD & Blu-ray disc images • Movie Filters • Box Sets • Search for movies (not in your collection) • Media Player • Steam to Networked Devices (DNLA) • Update TMDB Account with Favorites, Watched and Ratings • Admin tools



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