Filmbox: Smart Movie Database

By Tayfun Susamcioglu & Koray Çayıroğlu


Filmbox, Smart Movie Database is the best way to create "to watch/watched" lists. With it's unique design, Filmbox becomes a powerful movie organizer. It's simple and fast. Let you discover top rated and new released movies. With beautiful Film Roulette screen, browse your to watch list with a simple finger slide or shake if you trust your luck. Watch trailers, see different ratings or rate your own, browse pictures and cast profiles. It gives you all features to manage your movies like you never did before.


- New compatible and beautiful design for iOS7+.

- iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support.

- No accounts required. There are no accounts or signups required to use

- Cloud Support. One app, unlimited devices. No need to backup, it's already safe.

- Localization. Support for 4 languages (English, French, German and Turkish.). Localized movie descriptions.

- Create To Watch and Watched lists.

- Search as you type, add with no difficulties.

- Browser your movies and look for similar.

- Cast previews with movie list and pictures.

- Random chooser with unique Film Roulette.

- Discover new movies from predefined list like Popular, Top Rated, New Release and even from Coming Soon.

- Rates. Movie rates from different sources. Rate a movie if you like.

- Sort movies by Date, Rate or Name.

- Share your movies you like with your friends through Facebook/Twitter

- Photos. Browse movie photos and fan-made artwork.

- Auto-update for movie ratings and localized descriptions.

- Trailers. Watch movie trailers in HD (or SD) in fullscreen.

- Browse movie's photos and artwork.

- iTunes integration. Look for movie, soundtracks, games about certain movie.



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  • Worldwide (No Restrictions)

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